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Have Your Prayers Answered!

Saturday, February 9th, 2013



Prayer is a communication between us and God, which should be a part of our daily life, and not just once in a while thing. We all want our prayers to be answered because it not only encourages us in our walk with God but also makes us feel connected to Him.

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Bequeath Life to your child

Friday, February 1st, 2013

God's childLife is precious because God breathed Himself into us. So the real inheritance we can give to our children is Life. Inheritance of Life is living life with a confidence that God has equipped us for whatever challenges we encounter in our Life and He sees us capable of overcoming them. Read rest of it on –

Be Alert!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

We are all aware of the dreadful and spine chilling incident which happened in Delhi recently. Every moment when I think of what the girl went through all that comes out of my heart are prayers for her. And this is not only a sole incident but over a period of time the violence against women and children is increasing by the day. It’s time that each teacher and preacher of the Word of God needs to bring forth this concern to our society, the concern that I want to put forth to all our friends and partners of the Foundation.


The Bible 1Peter 5:8 says ‘Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.’ This verse is self explanatory. We know that the lion is out there to devour, we cannot change each and every person but what we can do is pray enough and be alert at all times. A simple saying of Sri Ramakrishna can guide us here – a pigeon closes its eyes on seeing a cat, thinking it is safe, only to get devoured by the cat. I urge all dear children of God, be alert, be aware, make your children aware. In my experience God has given each one of us a small still voice which alerts us before any mishap. We need to be make that small still voice more audible to us by praying more to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. In your heart whenever you are in two minds to go a particular way or be at a particular place, give yourself time and pray and wait on God’s answer to come. Impatience makes you a prey. And I urge each one of you to spend time with God first thing in the morning, ask for His guidance at each step and His protection over yourself and your family.

God = more than a million force

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

GuruGobindSinghVery recently in my daughter’s school a lot of pressure had built up for the recurring tests which got reflected in her health. This became a serious concern for us. I took a feedback on this from other parents also and everyone felt what I felt that there was too much undue pressure being put on the kids. But nobody wanted to voice it loudly to the school authorities. For me and Vinay it was a serious matter and we wanted to see change. Vinay and I prayed to God about it for His direction on this and we took action by speaking to the school authorities. Many advised me that our case would be stronger if we took couple of more parents along with us. I said that anyone was welcome to join in but I am not going to ask anyone to support us, we’ve God on our side and He equals a million forces. We went ahead and as an effect some major re-vamping measures have been taken by the School not only for the class my daughter is in but for two more standards beyond. One bold step of ours with the support of God changed the lives of almost three hundred children in a moment. And I said – This is God.

When you choose to be a God pleaser instead of being a people pleaser God will not only support you but will magnify your ability. Now what I am conveying through this- when you put God first in your decisions and actions and become detached to the outcome, God will work on your behalf to support you in your decisions. And He does not need a million people to do it, He just needs you. He needs you to be available for Him. Just like Guru Gobind Singh said ‘Sava Lakh se ek laraun’ (each one of my men fight a hundred and twenty-five thousand) – that is what God is. If you choose to become the one available for God, He would put a force of 125,000 people in your effort! That ‘sava lakh’ is God. Not that you don’t need people in your life, no that’s not what I am trying to say. What I am saying is – you need God to be on your side, because He is that mighty force who makes the rest automatically fall into place-Shalini Mehta

God’s correction brings conviction

Friday, May 4th, 2012
God's Conviction makes you a winner

God's Conviction makes you a winner

God's Conviction makes you a winner

God's Conviction makes you a winner

To be in relationship with God has been the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life. Reason being, with God every single day you experience you are growing – you are better, wiser from what you were yesterday and have worn away those fruitless old attitudes. God is amazing. He never condemns you because He brings correction which is gentle.

In March I experienced something of this kind for what I had been trying to deal with since last one year but was not able to understand. What happened was when my youngest daughter went to grade two; I have always wanted her to excel in her studies and extracurricular activities. I started putting in more effort rather than praying more. As a result I started having greater expectations from her by the day and would feel frustrated when she would not perform as per my expectations. Not only that, I started to pour my frustration on the school and their way of teaching which ultimately led to criticizing the school system, teachers, their way for teaching, etc. And by the way this was the school that God had chosen for my daughter two years back while she was going to her first grade when we were looking for a good school. Then I consistently started praying to God to make her shine bright during her achievement day. I would consistently compare my daughter to her other friends especially one of them who was outstanding in Mathematics and my daughter was not as good. The only motive behind all this was – I am an obedient child of God, God’s favour should be on my daughter and let the whole world know it!

Every time I would go for the PTM-Parent Teacher Meeting and ask about my daughter’s performance or meet her class teacher, she would always tell me one thing – your daughter is an all rounder, she is doing great and she is my best student because of her being an all rounder. But no! I was not taking it, I knew that my daughter was not doing upto (my) mark of expectation so now I knew that her teacher was either trying to please me (but there was no reason for it) or she was not a good teacher because she was not able to assess my daughter’s performance!

All this carried on till the day they finally had their Annual day and I kept praying to God do some miracle and let her excel in front of the world so He stands glorified. As I sat there, names and photographs of achievers of students who had excelled beyond school were displayed and I saw the photograph of my daughter’s friend who I knew was very good at maths. She was younger than my daughter and had gone to the national level of winning the Maths Olympiad. But what struck me instantly at that moment was that her mother never criticized her daughter, the school or the teachers. Oh my God! That was the moment and realization dawned on me. Just because for past one year all I had done was to criticize the school and its functioning, neither was I able to receive the positive performance of my daughter and because of consistent pressure on my young daughter I was not able to let her perform 100 %. I prayed and repented. I prayed and asked for God’s mercy to forgive me and instantly asked God to give me a spirit of praise, a spirit of encouragement and a spirit of patience. And to this day I pray this prayer daily for myself.

That moment changed me completely; it was like darkness was lifted with the light of God’s truth. God made me understand that when you criticize you make your spirit toxic. That toxic spirit does not let you enjoy your life or receive God’s best to you. But God is merciful, His surprise was yet to come, my daughter was awarded outstanding performance in academics and a certificate for bringing the most nutritious tiffin (which was indirectly a reward for me) and that was amazing. Thank God, God is merciful; thank God that His correction brings conviction and not condemnation-Shalini Mehta

Difference in being connected to God via your relationship and not being connected to Him

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Recently in our daily SMS service I sent a message which said that-Two things frustrate anyone, handling of people and situations. But when you seek God’s wisdom earnestly, you learn to handle them with ease.’

Why is it so important to be connected to God all the time? We negate the importance of God in our life but being a person of faith in everyday of my life and spreading that faith among the people I associate on a daily basis I’ve always put importance to having a relationship with God. Even though each one of us has been made differently we all at some point get frustrated about dealing with people and situations and you would notice the above statement to be absolutely true.

I recently had an experience recently where I was in spat with someone, obviously after any spat no one would be normal. So immediately as always my first line of action was to go to God and have a meeting with Him as He is a witness to everything. I prayed and had many questions for Him. Through that experience God taught me many things and through realizations I felt I had reached a new level all together. I was at peace and I could feel God’s calm in my spirit and it took me two hours at the most. Now talking of the other person, that person has still not realized their relationship with God. That person remained so much agitated they lost their night’s sleep over it, and then they were madder the next day. And then they were mad at many other people.

So what I want to say through this is when you build relationship and remain connected to Him you know, what and how to deal with not only the situation, the people but also most importantly your own self. In any situation it is your own emotions that are the hardest to deal with because it is our emotions that are badly hurt so through God the first thing you learn is to keep hold of your emotions. Second, you learn through realization about why that experience happened to you especially a negative experience. You get a very clear outlook about what was your mistake and where you need to change. Also what are the short comings in the other person and how you need to deal with them-Shalini Mehta

Lessons of life – dealing in relationships

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

How do you deal with difficult or uncalled situations in your life? How do you handle people whom you trusted all along and thought that they had moved on with the differences you had, but one fine day God shows you that you moved on but they stuck themselves there and are looking for every opportunity to pull you down?

These things can get messy if you let them. Recently I went through one such situation and it was not the first time but it was a recurrent of events and I had been ignoring the behaviour of some people close to me thinking that I need to change my perspective, my way of dealing. I was thinking it one way but God was thinking differently. He was putting me in these situations for me to understand a very important aspect which would lead me to a breakthrough in my relationships with everyone.

That aspect was to first to detach myself completely from the person’s behaviour and secondly to understand that just like God gives people as per their receiving capability same way I was to give people (respect, worth, love, importance) as per their receiving capability. The mistake I was making was that I was giving more than what the person was actually prepared to receive. It was not that person’s fault but mine.  This God revealed to me when I persistently prayed to God that inspite of my genuinely wanting to love people, their response would generally remain negative. I wouldn’t know why I faced rejection consistently. God made me understand that the best way to deal with situations and people is to deal the way He does and His ways are not man’s ways. And to understand His ways you’ve to spend time with Him and involve Him in every area of your life like a mentor-Shalini Mehta

Our attitude can become a stumbling block

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

So many times I’ve noticed that God wants to help a particular person but because of their attitude they deride themselves from being blessed. Out of many experiences there is a very recent one when God used me to bless someone, but because of their attitude they were not able to receive what God had planned for them.

Our Foundation supports a PID patient, so we decided to support more of such patients as the mode of treatment is expensive, and even a rich person can get bogged down by the cost of treatment. There was one such child patient. So I called up and informed his parents that our foundation was interested in partial funding of their son’s medication. Though I had come to know that the father of the child had an attitude of hoarding medicine packs, I decided to give it a shot. There were some pre-requisites to be completed before we could start helping this child so I asked the father to send his child’s medical papers before we could start the medical donation. I never received the papers but in between the father asked me for an emergency help for which he lied to me. Since I thought it was the question of a child’s life I somehow managed to provide him medicine at his doorstep. Later I came to know that he had not only wrongly quoted the doctors who were treating his child but also never let me know how his son was keeping. I was shocked and decided to discontinue support from next time.

The next time when the medication was due, patient’s father called me up for the medicine. That is when I confronted him. What I didn’t understand that in spite of my voluntarily helping his child, he lied to me. But this cost him our support. All it could have taken for him was to speak straight and be apologetic about his doing.

So the lesson for us is – if we have gone through some sour situation, rather than blaming someone else for it, it’s time we check on our own attitude and make on purpose effort to change it, for it can become a blockage to receive our own good-Shalini Mehta

Calendar-The Word for today

Thursday, February 24th, 2011




Foundation has come out with this Table calendar. The calendar is not year specific so you can keep using it for years to come. It has 365 pages of the Word of God printed on each page. The Word are the revelations/understanding  that came to the founders as a result of their experience or while studying the Word of God.

The calendar is priced at Rs. 100+postage and all proceeds from the calendar will be used for charity purposes.

A jungle of weeds or a clean garden?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

A few days ago on a Sunday morning, I was cleaning my little garden of the weeds. I noticed something interesting about the behaviour and presence of weeds in the garden. In that half an hour I was working there God gave me revelations of a life-time. Sharing these simple truths about our self, I believe, shall surely help us strengthen our relationship with God daily.

I had a shovel in my hand to help pull out the weeds. All kinds of weeds were present – small and big. I observed that

  1. the number and growth of weeds near the plant where it gets its daily water was much more than any where else – near the gift that the plant receives to survive and thrive. In life, have you ever noticed that “weeds” of arrogance or “I know all” attitude grow easily around your talent or area in which you are gifted. Very often we see the weed of procrastination present among the gifted people. I was also a victim of this weed, and it took me quite some time to weed it out of my life.
  2. the weeds which were smaller had almost straight single main root whereas the bigger weeds had root system well-developed. It was much easier to take the smaller ones out, even by hand. It has got a deep meaning. The younger the age of a bad habit, lesser time and effort does it take to root it out of your character. But once you let it develop for some time, it becomes harder and needs great pains to take it out.
  3. Some weeds were so big that as I used shovel to dig them out, it started hurting the roots of the plant around which these weeds were present. Similarly in life, longer age of bad choices would hurt your talent or natural gifts in such a way that they get intertwined with your gifts and talents and reduce your potential to grow. And harder it gets to weed them out. Even if you decide to take them out, it would take much time, and long process of pain.

I believe until we pray to God to make us vigilant enough to keep observing ourselves daily to notice little weeds, it is quite natural to grow weeds all around our character, and unknowingly we become the victims of our bad choices or bad thoughts or bad habits. Take care. God bless you!-Vinay Mehta