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Friday, October 30th, 2009

We would be putting up a stall of our Foundation on Sunday, 01 November, at a function organised by BOWWA, Chandigarh. I am absolutely excited because God is giving us an opportunity to reach out to more people with His Word- Shalini Mehta

God is good all the time

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Many a times when we are going through some rough patches in our life related to anything we generally tend to blame God for it. In fact off late I had also started doing it. And my whole focus would shift from what good God has been doing and has done in my life to what God is not doing. And I would feel more miserable.

Recently in fact on Diwali the people from whom I was expecting for the good wishes to come never called up and I felt foolish because I had invested a lot of time and resources in them. I set out to blame God, for it is He who is the doer of all this.

I was so wrong, as I realised this, I saw that it was like a pattern that was repeating in my life ever so often, in some face or other. So I had a small talk with myself that when God is good which I’ve experienced all the time and His Word says so, why should I then let this negative feeling crop into my life one more time that God is not for my good. So I started telling myself God is good all the time and God wants only goodness for me. There must be something good for me through this situation too.

Suddenly my whole perspective towards the situation changed and I became confident and full of God’s power and faith. This thing resided in me that God knows my heart and God knows the heart of everyone else, so if something did not happen as I was expecting, then it’s good for me.

What happens when we focus on this – God is not for our good? We start to focus on lack and that starts to manifest in our life. But when we say that God is there only for my good and all things work out for my good through God who strengthens me, the power of Almighty starts to manifests itself into our life and the moment that happens there is a sudden change in our state of mind and hence in the state of our reality.

So the next time something is not going right in your life, tell yourself that this is not what God wants for me because God wants only good things for my life. Remember God only loves you. So be blessed – Shalini Mehta

3 steps to attain the Goal of your Life

Monday, October 19th, 2009

I had an opportunity to climb a mountain in April 2009 that too while doing my professional work. The place where I had to reach was a telecom tower site. It was on a steep mountain and I had to walk up on steep slopes for more than two and a half kilometers to reach there. I am an adventurous person always looking for something new and different. I decided that I am going to enjoy the climb.

I have no mountaineering experience; though I have climbed small hills in my childhood days. But this time, it was different. It was almost 250m from the start point when my breath started getting heavy. Even though I wanted to climb but my mind was in a way telling me that it was difficult, as I am used to walking in plains most part of my life. I spoke to the local guy who was leading me through the path. I was seeing him walking comfortably uphill. I asked him what I should be doing to climb through without much tiredness, since I had to do the work on the site after reaching there for about one and a half hour. He told me that in order to reach the site I need to follow what he was doing:

  1. Take small steps
  2. Do not open your mouth for large breaths
  3. Do not look upwards -look downwards

And I followed his advice to the book, and found that I covered the distance of 2.7 Km up an average of 45 degree slope in 1:45 hours, whereas other members of my team took 2:30 hours to reach the site. After I did the inspection work on site for about two hours, I had a revelation after drinking the sweet water of a natural water source at the hill top! God put it in my heart that in order to achieve your goal you need to:

  1. Take small steps of faith in what you do on a daily basis,
  2. Control your senses – keep them focused on where you have to go rather than complain about the difficulties
  3. Look how far you have come – once you see how far you have come with God in your life, you would feel encouraged and enthused and would want to go further. Rather if you keep looking forward thinking there is too much distance to be covered you may not be able to move forward an inch.

As soon as I alighted from the hill top (took me about 50 minutes) with a special skill of how to walk on the toes rather than the whole foot, I wrote it down in my diary to have discovered this wonderful piece of God’s wisdom from this episode! – Vinay Mehta

Whose approval are you seeking?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

This is a beautiful topic which I’ve included as a part of an article ‘Do you really love yourself?’ in NUPUR Winter 2007. I experienced something last night which was pretty amazing and related to the above mentioned article, so I decided to share.

We went out for dinner last night. In the restaurant there were three men sitting on the table next to us and a little further away a family including mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, uncle, aunt, husband came and took seat. The young daughter-in-law was wearing clothes which, every time she moved around to pick up something her hipsters moved way below and the top way above. These men who were sitting just next to our table, I noticed were ogling at her and enjoying every bit of her. It was shameful; I kept watching this whole episode for some time but couldn’t tolerate it anymore. All this while I kept asking God how do I approach this, then ultimately I got up from my seat and introduced myself to this young lady and asked her if she could come on one side as I had something important to tell her. I was taken aback by her rude response when she said that she didn’t want to listen to anything. For a moment I was surprised but I blessed her. Then I spoke to her mother-in- law and told her all about that had been happening.

So the mother-in- law conveyed it to her daughter-in- law about the right way to sit. I somehow felt after the incident that the men who were ogling at the young lady were not very much to be blamed completely, but more so the lady herself, reason being when you show, it tells the other person that you want to share. I am not against people wearing western dresses; I myself wear, but I believe anything worn with dignity and in limits of decency looks smart and stylish. And anything that we choose to wear we need to know how to carry it.

It’s sad but slowly, are we not losing our sense of dressing? What looks good in glossy magazines or on the ramp does not mean that it will look good on us. We need to know that our office, college, restaurant or market place is not a ramp or a glossy magazine where we are modelling for few minutes. We need to really think hard about what we can carry and what we can’t many times before we step out of the security of our home. Ultimately it’s ‘we’ who are at stake not anyone else.

Now why I shared this on our blog, because today sadly enough some of our youngsters are running a race in which they are ultimately going to be losers in future. We are establishing our identity or approval with clothes, glamor, having multiple partners, cigarettes, drugs and so on. We don’t realise that we don’t have to seek someone else’s approval for our presence/ existence on this earth through material stuff or by showing our skin. The charisma of our personality should be such that anyone would feel like interacting with us and being friends with us and at the same time respect us.

How can this come? This can come when we stop seeking our identity from material stuff and start seeking our identity with God. We are children of God and He loves each one of us too much. And just for a moment stop and experience this, you are a child of that God who is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of this universe, without whom nothing moves in this universe. The lady I spoke about in the beginning like many of us was seeking people’s approval by showing her fashion sense and being hep by showing herself. Don’t lower yourself to such levels, you are a child of God. God is the King of this universe and you are the apple of that God’s eye, royal blood flows in ‘you’.

Think for a moment about this and then ask yourself with whom am I associating myself with, is it with who the world is wanting me to be or am I one with the One? – Shalini Mehta

Sayings of Thakur

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Incarnation are all the personifications of Ishwara. In the ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda a wave rises up in one time and it is called Krishna. Another wave rises at another place some time later and it is called Christ.

-Sri Ramakrishna Parmahansa

Destroy the Lust, the Devil, the Satan before it destroys you

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Today while I was reading Bhagvad Gita, God explains to Arjuna in chapter 3, that it is the lust/Satan which keeps us entangled in this world by taking control of our senses. What is lust? Lust is yearning or desire or longing for and it is not only related to sexual desires alone. One can lust for anything- eating, lying, gossiping, anger, pitying on their circumstances, shopping, not wanting to take decisions, procrastination (laziness) and so on. When we lust for something we lose our senses and get driven by lust.

When lust strikes our senses we just get swayed away by it and though there is something in us that is not comforting but we just get swayed away. Lust confuses you and takes away your peace and in return gives you fear and discomfort. It’s just like a woman sees a piece of jewellery or a dress and she has to have it even if her husband has to buy it on credit.

Who was Ravana? Though he was a learned man but he got swayed by lust and gave senses to the desire of wanting to posses everything that he desired for in this world, even Shri Ram’s wife, Sita as his own wife. Kansa gave in his senses to lust by wanting to become the ruler of the world and thought he was above God. Satan tried to talk Jesus into his plan and every time Jesus said to him-get thee behind me Satan. Same way in Bhagwad Gita, Arjuna, when he gets swayed by his emotions on seeing his relatives, against whom he had to fight in the battle field, got confused. Quran mentions of Idris who deviates the mind from Godhood.

God has given a very simple solution for this in all the scriptures. The solution for keeping the lust in control is to slay it. How can we slay it, is by simply not feeding it. When you don’t feed something it dies. Lust or devil or Satan is also such, the more you feed the lust the more it is going to overpower you and your life. Its like, when we grow a plant and we take care of it suddenly some little weeds grow around it, if we do not keep taking out the weeds they will make the plant weak. So every time a new lust comes up like that weed we need to slay it with our prayers to God, by asking for His help to help us surrender that lust into Him.

There was a person by the name of Girish Babu who used to visit Thakur (Sri Ramakrishna Parmahansa) but he used to drink a lot. He asked Thakur that I can’t leave this habit of mine, Thakur advised him that before he drank he should offer it to Mother. He started to practice and very soon he got over his habit of drinking.

Each one of us can practise this. So the next time you are tempted to go around the same mountain one more time, slay it by giving it to God.- Shalini Mehta


Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Love is a beautiful word. Love is such a word that it cannot be explained. Even in the dictionary when I looked for this word I felt it was not explained well. Reason being that love is something that cannot be explained in words, it can only be experienced. Just like God, whom we cannot explain but can experience. And God is all love. Love is one single reason or thing which when goes missing from our life makes us insecure, fearful, irritated, angry, aggressive and frustrated.

But love is not attachment. Today while having breakfast Vinay and I were discussing about this and he said that love is not attachment and I realized, yes it is not. When attachment comes in, fear sets in and where there is fear there is no faith. Recently I noticed some things that really got me worried and sad. I saw some women keeping whole-day fast for their husband on Karvachauth (a North Indian festive day when girls and women do not take food and even water during the whole day. They break their fast in the evening on seeing the moon. They keep it for the welfare of their husband or future husband) celebrated yesterday, but at the same time hiding many things from them. Probably because even after years of marriage their mutual understanding is so fragile that if they are visiting their friends and family or they hide money to save for a rainy day, they have to lie about it to their husband. They are fearful of those same husband and don’t dare to correct him even when they know in their heart that it is harming their life partners. They do not actually love their husband; they are feigning it by keeping the fasts.

Love is not fear, love is all about being comfortable, to belong to, and be so much one with the other person that you are one in everything that you do. Same way if you ask every parent they say they love their children but they never take out time for them as well as to bring around correction in them. And one fine day when they land up in trouble, they save their children by hook or by crook because then their upbringing as parents is at stake!

So many of us don’t even love our own self. Actually this is not loving your body which is quite a common understanding. Loving yourself means to be in love with ‘who’ you are and you are a part of God, a Soul and are aware of your right standing with God. When we make outrageous choices, speak negative all the time, over stuff our bodies, do not forgive people, are angry all the time, we don’t love our self. Then how can such a person who does not even know what love is, love God.

A person who is not committed to loving his own self by doing what is right at all times, even when things are not comfortable, how can such a person ever be committed to God? You’ve to realize that loving someone or loving your own self is not about physical love or material presents but to genuinely help the other person or yourself to come in and develop right standing with God in daily life. Once this love is developed, you have no looking back. You only look forward to every day expecting love to flow from you and to you from everywhere, everything! – Shalini Mehta

Why our circumstances don't change?

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Our circumstances are our very own so obviously they are created by us and not by someone else. But ninety-nine percent of the times we do not accept this and that is why our circumstances don’t change. What is the common factor that does not let ‘our’ circumstances change is ‘we’ ourselves. We ourselves are the most rigid ‘thing’ to change. Because to accept that something needs to change in ‘me’ rather than anyone else, requires a huge amount of courage.

Why this rigidity? The reason behind it is we have been sticking to our stance (beliefs) for years together, even though we know in our heart that it is not bearing any fruit and is stealing a lot of our peace and happiness, we still stick to it. And we are scared that for all these years since I have stuck to the stance – so and so or such and such ruined my life and suddenly if I start taking the onus of the whole situation on myself, what will ‘they’ think of me if I take the blame on myself now!

The irony of the whole thing is that we don’t even know who ‘they’ are. So just to keeping our ego alive and kicking we keep rotting our life deeper into the whirlpool of myth, hoping against hope that someday our beliefs would come true and that day I will have my head held high to tell ‘them’ that look, I was right. Till then we don’t realise we could have spent most or all of our lives wasting and never enjoying what God wanted us to enjoy.

So all you precious people out there, I want to tell you : You want to change your circumstances? Then get out of the pity-party you keep throwing and attending. Get out and attend the party that God is throwing for you. And all that it takes is to look into your own self where You can change- Shalini Mehta