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God is the only Key to every lock in your life

Monday, November 16th, 2009

God has consistently been putting one or other situation in my life and all situations appeared like patterns, repeating again and again. And every time some situation would come around, I would ask God’s help and intervention and unknowingly my whole focus would shift to that situation. God as He is very patient, He has consistently been nudging me and telling me – “Shalini, ‘I’ should be your sole focus, not your situation, and you need to be excited not only about what I can do for you but excited about Me (who He is) alone.”

Because every time a situation arose invariably the mind would go to the favours’ God could give me rather than He Himself. And then He made me realize – “since your focus remains on the situation or what I can now do for you, you forget this that I am the only Key in your life that can open any lock. In other words, I am the only Key to every lock (situation) in your life.” But when our mind moves from God to the situation we start to look for our own keys and no matter any number of keys we fit into our locks but because they are not the master key, they never fit in well.

So irrespective of any situation, whether or how I might be feeling I started to repeat -‘God, I need You’ till it actually got locked in my heart and now I do it almost 24/7.

The more you fill your life with God the more you deepen your relationship with Him, like Sri Ramakrishna always said, ‘Mother please come and reside in my heart’. In Bible Jesus said, ‘I am the vine and you are the branches, without me you can do nothing.’ Remember – if you keep repeating “God I need you, I need more of you, fill me with yourself,” you’ll see that you are getting answers to all unanswered questions of your life, and you being filled with more love and peace-Shalini Mehta

NUPUR Winter 2009

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


Our NUPUR winter 2009 has arrived. The name of the edition this time is, ‘Who is your God’? It focuses on the mind sets of some of us who tend to give, the place of God to our religious teachers or ‘gurus’. It is a collection of beautiful articles on how important it is to invest in someone and how we keep carrying someone else’s dead habits without even realizing it.

You can write to us or call us to order your copy. The copies are also available at The English Book Shop-Sector 17-C Chandigarh and The Capital Book Shop Sector 17-C Chandigarh. All donations received for NUPUR are used for charity purposes.


Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Rebel as I was at one point of time in my life, I think I still have the shades of it in me. But thank God that by His grace not only do I identify when these shades of resistance come in me but I am also deliberately working with God to be humble. So I do understand how so many young people from the current generation are.

Yesterday myself and Vinay experienced something that opened my eyes to reality. Actually the employees that are working for us are very nice, but yes I’ve had experience with defiant employees in the past and sadly enough they were asked to leave.

There is a call centre right next to our office. The employees of the centre perpetually smoke outside our office in spite of smoking being banned in the building. And the smoke of their cigarettes would enter our office and make the atmosphere suffocating for everyone who works here. In spite of repeated requests and subsequent warnings, for almost two years, things didn’t change. So yesterday we were forced to take legal action against them.

But what I saw in these youngsters was very disturbing to me. It was rebellion. These are the young generation of our country but I could see that all that they are interested in is making money then merry with it.

But life is not all about money and merry. There needs to be a substantial foundation for every individual to live their life. We can’t keep going to a luxury hotel, enjoying the luxury and not pay the bill.

The bill does come and we can’t escape paying it. Same way in our life we could keep enjoying living our life in a merry not caring about people around us, being defiant, being rude, being arrogant, but don’t forget that bill is also getting accumulated and no one else but we will have to pay.

The amazing way’s of God’s life is that no one else pays the bill for us except for our own self. I’ve paid a very huge price in my life for it for many years, so I know. We’ve western countries as example in front of our eyes who have had to pay a hefty bill for doing what we are trying to imitate and we think that we are ‘cool dudes’.

So all you young precious people of God I want to request you to put a break to your life and ask yourself, ‘Where am I headed? Before you pop in that cigarette or the drugs in your mouth, love yourself and ask yourself am I abusing myself, is this the right direction for me?’ The parties, the friends, the drugs, that I am with, are they adding anything good to my life that will help my future.

Because remember you are with you right now and you will be with you till the end of your time, not your friends, drugs, cigarettes or parties, but definitely the damage of this all will stay with you– Shalini Mehta

Foundation's first display stall of outreach

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

It to was a great day on November 1st, we were able to outreach to more of God’s precious children with His Word through NUPUR. Many copies of NUPUR were distributed and donation received for the same. It’s amazing how God uses you and the most exciting part is that some of the precious people of God decided to partner with our Foundation for His work. That’s me and my angel Aanya in the photograph.-

Foundation Outreach