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Happy New Year 2010

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The year ending is a time when all get nostalgic about things we did in that year. As usual, we want to remember good things, but not-so-good ones we wish to forget. But I and Shalini would like to tell ourselves and you something New on the closing day of this year.

Remember always that God is closer to you than you think. He is always looking at you with love, care and wishes your good at all times. He wants you to change into a better person to get His purpose fulfilled for which He has sent you here on the earth. To hear Him and explore your wonderful relationship with Him, we exhort you to:

  1. Carry forward all things into NY2010 that God did to  make you close to Him.
  2. Throw away all things that increased your baggage of worries, mistakes, bad choices, that did not make you fruitful this year.
  3. Wear the coat of God’s confidence (if you already wearing it, don’t take it off) and put on the shouts of God’s praise in your mouth.
  4. Stay in faith and press in inspite of your circumstances, situations or bad experiences this year
  5. Get up on the inside to receive what God has reserved for you
  6. Spread the confidence of God at the first opportunity and sow it in others’ lives

To me and Shalini this year has been the closest walk with God till now, and we sincerely believe it is going to be better walk in the next. God’s Child Foundation wishes all of you to build rock-solid relationship with Him by getting closer to Him and see His wondrous possibilities come alive everyday of your life in the New Year 2010. You are blessed- Vinay Mehta

2009 was a great year!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

As we move forward in the New Year 2010, for a new level of growth, I look back at how 2009 was. It was indeed a beautiful and a very progressive year for us. In fact since I realised my relationship with my Ultimate Father, which is little less than five years now, every single moment has been new to me. Vinay and myself have grown in a humongous way since.

Today morning someone wished me – This year is gone, may the next year be better than this one. I replied that this was the most fruitful year ever in my life and the next one is definitely going to be even better. I would like to share as to how this has been really fruitful year of my life:

1. We’ve become more established in God as we’ve never been before.

2. We have heard God more than we’ve ever done before.

3. We conquered many old mindsets and reached new levels in our walk with God.

4. We’ve been obedient to God in more ways than we’ve ever been.

5. We’ve out reached many more hurting souls with His Word, as never done before.

6. We’ve been able to make a difference in many more peoples’ lives as never done before.

Then how come this is not a fruitful year for us? I would like to share the following ways God used us for His work this year:

1. We went online and have outreached souls through this blog, launched in September 2009.

2. We started a daily SMS service of His Word for the precious children of God.

3. We started two projects with the UT Chandigarh Administration:

a)    Partnership Initiative Program with the Education Department for out of school children. This gave me an opportunity to impregnate the Word of God in children’s lives through story sessions and separately holding motivational sessions through the Word of God for teachers, volunteer and their co-ordinator. Not only that, we got the children immunized as well.

b)   Our Foundation has also partnered with the Department of Social Welfare and adopted more than hundred families for impregnating values in them. This has given me an opportunity to outreach approximately 500 people with the Word of God.

4. We adopted a girl child from SOS sponsoring her yearly education and other expenses.

5. We outreached to UNICEF for the immunization program of children.

6. We outreached many children for bearing their medical expenses and one child was suffering from Immune Deficiency.

7. We outreached to another family with child undergoing treatment for Immune Deficiency problem by giving them emotional support through the Word of God.

8. The readership of our magazine NUPUR which we publish twice a year has increased manifold and many who read NUPUR were counselled to build a personal relationship with God.

We truly believe if you are obedient and available to God all the time, God will use you in ways unthinkable. It gives us so much privilege and confidence that God, the King, the Creator, the Sustainer and Destroyer of this universe has used us. Wow! How awesome. I firmly believe that the coming year 2010 will be a much more fruitful year and we’ll be used by God in much bigger ways.

I want to thank all those people who have associated with our Foundation in some way or the other, people who have read our blog posts and especially those who have taken out time to comment. Thank you all for your confidence in us. God bless you and God loves you – Shalini Mehta

Why do we need to realize our relationship with God?

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Each one of us has three main constituents: our physical body – the outer cover, the mind (will, emotions, feelings, thinking) and the Soul which is a part of God Himself. I know that the Soul is what we are and that is what our identification is with that One God. But this still did not become a realization to me. About two weeks back however, it went inside me as revelation and made me realize this truth that God is in me!

Yesterday while I was studying Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita. Sri Ramakrishna (Thakur) while talking to his disciples said: After one has realized their relationship with God, one does not have to be reborn again and again and reap the fruit of sinful actions, which would otherwise have resulted in several rebirths. One has to live till the momentum of the actions of previous births has been exhausted. However, the impetus of current actions does not give rise to future births.

I shared this with Vinay and he got a revelation about it of our very widely used kitchen item – Pressure Cooker! A pressure cooker is kept on flame to cook food. After the food is cooked it is put down from flame. But the steam keeps its pressure till the cooker cools down. Same way once a person has realized his/her relationship with God, s/he is put down from the flame of getting heated again and again symbolizing the pain of cycles of birth and death. The steam of our past karmas though will still keep its pressure but shall not spoil the food inside. In-fact it will cook it well. And since the food is cooked well, it shall not be put on the flame of births again.

Further to this, God revealed me – more the quantity of food, longer does it take for the steam to cool down, and lesser quantity of food makes steam to cool down in lesser time. This means – more the negative attitudes and incidences accumulated in the previous births, the longer one takes to clear the “account” by being in this body in the current birth – but after this birth the journey ends in God Almighty alone!- Be blessed Shalini Mehta

We go through because God loves us and wants us to grow

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

My five year old daughter went through a terrible asthma attack. It all started on Saturday, 28th November night, whole night she kept vomiting mucus and was feeling breathless. We did our best to medicate her however we could in the middle of the night. I couldn’t believe her asthma had triggered again. The very first time she was diagnosed with cough variant asthma just after her third birthday those times were like night mare, seeing her sick almost half the month. We did our best to give her the treatment that was available; she was being treated by the best paediatrician in PGI Chandigarh. I also started her ayurvedic treatment alongside and soon she became healthy once again. She took medication for a year and not once she was taken ill, infact she was becoming healthier by the day. Soon her inhaler was weaned off. And this was a year back and suddenly this happened and with much severity. It was like the old memories just came back as a scene being replayed. But there was a difference this time; the difference was in our attitudes. This time we were seeing God’s favour at every step.

But that’s not how when it started because almost a month ago God made me realize that no matter what, I’ve to keep repeating ‘God I need You’,  and I was doing it and seeing that to every situation in my life there is only one answer God and His solution to everything is the best. So then as Zig Ziglar says that ‘I don’t need to know my future, I need to know who holds it’, then why should I get perturbed about anything? Also on Thursday, 26th November our Foundation got forty one children immunized along with iron, folic–acid and de-worming tablets. These children belong to poor families and have never been immunized because of unawareness. Now here our Foundation has sown a seed of health in the life of forty children and exactly two days later my child takes ill that too so severely. I was at first taken aback and asked God, why God? God reminded me just trust me and keep repeating your mantra-‘God I need you’. Though I was a little upset but I kept repeating it and her treatment went off ever so smoothly and by His grace she is recovering very well.

Now you might wonder what were the lessons learnt through this?

1. Keep your eyes on Him rather than on your situation. So keep repeating ‘God I need you’, rather than complaining or feeling fearful and perturbed.

2. This was a test by God for us for what we had been repeating-‘God I need you’ because on all previous occasions I used to get bitter seeing my angel suffer. Thank God we passed the test because at every level you’ll be tested.

3. Trusting Him that even though the situation seems severe we will sail through that too with flying colours.

4. Once when I got operated someone asked me that you love God so much and do His work then why did God make you go under the knife? The answer is that irrespective of what we are or what we do, we all have to go through situations in life we wouldn’t want to go through. And all this is for us to grow and become how He sees us because He is not satisfied with the way we see ourselves.

So what I learnt I want to tell all you precious children of God that God loves you very much. If you are going through something right now, just believe it is for your good. You might or might not know why but just believe that it is for your good and you’ll get the answer to it at God’s timing- with love Shalini Mehta