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God, the Only indispensable One

Monday, February 8th, 2010

We do not realise this but God is the only indispensable One in this world. Without God we can do nothing. Living my life and making Him the centre of my life for past five years now, I’ve realised that without Him I can do nothing. And it is so much freedom to do the right thing. There are no confusions, anxiety and fear because I know the Righteous One is always with me, guiding me at every step.

And you know God wants to and does guide each one of us, but because we have not made Him the most important part of our lives, we fail to understand what He is asking us to do. We think from our heads and at every point make dumb mistakes and decisions because we construe (understand, read) our minds voice for God’s voice.

Recently I experienced something that was hilarious also and sad also. I met someone who had retired from the government service, at a senior position. We’ve met three or four times and in every meeting all that I could hear this person speak was how well connected he was in the city. In our last meeting I casually talked about shifting my daughter to a new school and he asked my preference, my daughter blurted out and he was about to call the Director of that school to reserve a seat for her when I stopped him mid-way saying let my daughter clear the entrance test on her own. If she is capable enough, she will make it.

He was helping people do all kind of activities not viable unto the law. And he believes that people respect him in spite of him being retired for past two years. I wondered in my heart do they really? If someone is using you to get wrong things right, how can they respect you?

I then realised that most of us spend all our life basking in the glory of giving importance and proving to ourselves how indispensable we are not knowing that God and only God is the indispensable one. Without God we can neither have wisdom to do things right way nor how to use that wisdom? We are just fooling ourselves by letting other people fool us.

And God, because He is the best Father for us, warns us through small not so significant incidents, but when we do not listen to Him, He touches our circumstances to get our attention. So it’s very important for each one of us that rather than basking in our own sweet-self (as whatever we are today, we are because of Him) we need to depend on God who is the most intelligent One-Shalini Mehta