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Is your life counting?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
PID patient from Village Buan, Fatehabad, Haryana, India.

PID patient from Village Buan, Fatehabad, Haryana, India.

Today I am proud to announce that what God had been coaxing us to do for last couple of months finally became a reality today. God was asking me to take the responsibility of a child suffering from Primary Immune Deficiency, for almost three months and I was generally delaying it. One day one of our partners said that I should utilise his donation for these children. I knew it was time I shouldn’t delay this anymore. I called up all those people I could and explained how this treatment was expensive and we wanted a lifelong commitment from them for this project. By God’s grace eighteen families agreed upon donating Rs. 500 every month for life and some of them are even donating Rs. 1000 every month. I want to thank each of our precious donor’s who so generously have come forward and showed their confidence and trust in us and our Foundation.

The child Sandeep Kumar who we are sponsoring is from a financially poor family, his parents are daily wager from the state of Haryana. And being ten and a half years old the cost of his medication has gone up tremendously. Today our Foundation paid Rs. 14,800 for his this month’s Immunoglobins. The same has to be repeated every month. But we need more donors. because if we do not help this child he will also lose his life like many other children suffering from the same disease and lost their lives because they could not incur the expenditure of the treatment.

I trust God will bring forward you precious people who are reading this and many of you will come forward and help. Because when we pay God’s bills, God make sure that we never falter on our bills. Come forward, help and make your life count- God bless you- Shalini Mehta