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The Teacher–A mentor

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
The Teacher a  Mentor

The Teacher a Mentor

Yesterday I was invited by the Education Department of the UT Administration, Chandigarh to deliver a lecture and presentation on the above topic as a part of the training for the Community Teachers. I happened to reach before the appointed time given to me and I experienced the lovely “Saraswati vandana, a prayer to the goddess of knowledge and the National Anthem they all sung. It was a great experience telling the teachers that a Teacher is the best person who can be a Mentor to her students and also about how to mentor students through change in attitude, adolescence education, making the children aware about the child rights as prescribed by the UN, awareness and protection of the environment, awareness about the latest technology, how schooling can give them and their family a better future prospect. And the best of all was that I was able to connect with the audience especially when I spoke about encouraging their students to ‘Build relationship with One God’. The audience was all ears when I told them the ways how to do it. Another interesting part of it was that I had taken copies of NUPUR for distribution and by the end of the session not a single copy was left. The experience made me realise how most of the people are hungry for His Word, and the organizers asked me to come again to take another session, this time talking only about the God Almighty and His Word. God is great! – Shalini Mehta