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Obedience to God

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Do you know that Obedience is the number one thing which impresses God. When we remain obedient to the Word of God and what God asks us to do we remain in the circle of His blessings; but the moment we choose to do our will and go beyond the circle of obedience we face adversities and sometimes severe adversities. There is a very prominent example that has been explained to us through Ramayan. When Laxman the younger brother of Sri Ram had drawn a circle of safety for Sita, she was safe till the time she was within it but the moment she chose to walk out of it out of fear, Ravana in disguise of a Sadhu kidnapped her and she got into severe adversity. Same way in Bible it says “If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all His commands…you will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country” (Deuteronomy 28:1-3, NIV) Now this does not mean that God is a dictator and if we do not abide by what He asks us to do He will curse us. God never curses, God only knows how to love His children.

One might wonder then how come our life becomes a curse. It’s like this when God wants us to do something it is for our good because He wants our life to grow in a certain way, the way He knows is best for us. Sri Ramakrishna Parmahansa explains this with a beautiful example, he says, when a father holds the hand of the child to cross a rivulet the child never goes astray but when the child holds the fathers hand it is possible that some distraction might make the child leave the fathers hand and the child will go astray.

Now I want to share with you an example that I experienced yesterday which would explain my point further. Yesterday after few months I met a friend who had promised to help our Foundation with the donation that we were managing to sponsor for the PID (Primary Immune Deficiency) child patient. At that time every commitment counted and I was very sure she would help our Foundation with much more than what she had promised. But suddenly she stopped taking my calls and neither did she convey that she was not interested in being a partner or donor any more. I really didn’t know what had happened all of a sudden. Yesterday I met her after more than four months and saw that there were hardly any hair left on her head and she looked tired and fagged out. When I inquired she told me that probably I had cursed her for not giving the donation and her life has been like as if she was on a roller coaster ride. On further inquiring she told me that she had been in a spin as her mother suddenly took ill and she had to take her out of the country for treatment and her father met with an accident at the same time. And since she is running her business also, her life has been like one foot here and the other somewhere else. To top it all she burnt all her hair while using hot iron at home. And she thought because she behaved with me in that manner her life had been cursed.

What had actually happened was that she had cursed her own life. When we are not obedient to God and do our will we lose our peace and life seems to be like a roller coaster and you crave for peace. This is happening with millions of people everywhere. Some are making wrong adjustments in accounts just because their customers want it but they are not at peace with it. Some are not treating their colleague’s right or someone in the family right so they are not at peace. But what we need to understand is that we are not being obedient to God by not doing things right. So if you think that there is something in your life for which you are not being obedient to God do not reason out with Him why in your opinion you are right, just obey you’ll make your life meaningful, peaceful and blessed. Be blessed-Shalini Mehta.


Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010