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A jungle of weeds or a clean garden?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

A few days ago on a Sunday morning, I was cleaning my little garden of the weeds. I noticed something interesting about the behaviour and presence of weeds in the garden. In that half an hour I was working there God gave me revelations of a life-time. Sharing these simple truths about our self, I believe, shall surely help us strengthen our relationship with God daily.

I had a shovel in my hand to help pull out the weeds. All kinds of weeds were present – small and big. I observed that

  1. the number and growth of weeds near the plant where it gets its daily water was much more than any where else – near the gift that the plant receives to survive and thrive. In life, have you ever noticed that “weeds” of arrogance or “I know all” attitude grow easily around your talent or area in which you are gifted. Very often we see the weed of procrastination present among the gifted people. I was also a victim of this weed, and it took me quite some time to weed it out of my life.
  2. the weeds which were smaller had almost straight single main root whereas the bigger weeds had root system well-developed. It was much easier to take the smaller ones out, even by hand. It has got a deep meaning. The younger the age of a bad habit, lesser time and effort does it take to root it out of your character. But once you let it develop for some time, it becomes harder and needs great pains to take it out.
  3. Some weeds were so big that as I used shovel to dig them out, it started hurting the roots of the plant around which these weeds were present. Similarly in life, longer age of bad choices would hurt your talent or natural gifts in such a way that they get intertwined with your gifts and talents and reduce your potential to grow. And harder it gets to weed them out. Even if you decide to take them out, it would take much time, and long process of pain.

I believe until we pray to God to make us vigilant enough to keep observing ourselves daily to notice little weeds, it is quite natural to grow weeds all around our character, and unknowingly we become the victims of our bad choices or bad thoughts or bad habits. Take care. God bless you!-Vinay Mehta

God is a God of breakthroughs

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Yesterday (15th of September 2010) was one of the most amazing days of my life because I saw God’s miraculous powers work in front of my eyes. I thought I would share this with everyone. My motive behind this is to magnify how good God is and also to make people aware about their precious health.

I was detected with Hypothyroidism in June 2008. It was a terrible time because at the same time because of hormonal imbalance I got high blood pressure. I was put on medication both for Thyroid and high blood pressure simultaneously. And everywhere I went people told me that I would have to be on these medications for lifetime. Every time I heard this negative sentence, I would shut my ears mentally and affirm to myself that very soon I would be off these medicines and be healthy again. I prayed to God fervently, and would talk to Him that He is my ultimate doctor because He created this body; He would help me to find a solution to this problem. I was determined since I knew that “for God all things are possible and only He will show me the right way.”

One fine day after one and a half months, God sent a book through an acquaintance. It was the book on Acupressure and she said that this could help me. For few days the book kept lying around but then God again prompted me that this is the solution that He had sent for me. It was a very simply explained book and I started doing Acupressure for my Thyroid problem. Within fifteen days my doctor had to get the potency of my medicine down. Ultimately next year by May 2009 I was taken off medication for Thyroid. In the mean time my blood pressure (BP) medicine continued. But I was having many side effects due to the medicine, which neither I could figure out nor strangely, my doctor mentioned to me its side effects. The side effects of the medicine Cardioprill (salt Ramipril) gave me fluid retention, sleepless nights due to constant dry cough at nights and a start of arthritis.

All this while I would think that my over-weight was the creator of all these problems for me. But it was other way round. I could not reduce my weight because of this BP medicine. One fine day after my arthritis was detected; I got very impatient because I was almost becoming immobile as my movement got extremely restricted. I fervently prayed to God to help me. I was once again very determined that I’ve to be fit and healthy. And I took this decision that I would affirm only positive messages to myself irrespective of how I might feel. So every day when I got up from sleep and having spent time with God I started telling myself in the mirror that ‘I have a slim, slender and healthy body.’ I asked God to release all those negative things that I had attracted in my mind to have given me this condition and kept constantly praying. I also started with my acupressure treatment for High BP and finally yesterday when I visited my doctor, my doctor stopped all my treatment. Today my body is getting free of all toxins. I am still continuing with the Acupressure treatment and exercises for my arthritis and BP along with losing weight. My physiotherapist recommended me some Yoga exercises as my arthritis is at a very early stage and she says that very soon I should be fine. Now I am leading a perfectly normal life free of all medication and disease.

All I want to tell you through this personal example is that your body is the temple of God it is very precious so keep it free of toxins and poisons. The medicines that you are taking are actually killing you slowly instead of curing you due to huge side effects. You yourself are your friend so treat your body with care. All this while God has been a leader to me and guiding me as to what is best for my body. That is why it is so important to be consistently in touch with God for everything in your life. And yesterday after my breakthrough I was so grateful to God that He is the leader of my life. Take care because you are precious to God-Shalini Mehta