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Do not negate the Truth in your life

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Recently, under the daily SMS service that we send to so many of our Foundation partners, I sent this SMS few days back –Usually we try to negate the Truth in our life. But God brings it back in stronger ways time and again for us to accept and move forward. The daily SMS that we send is either a revelation or a realization through experience. This particular one was the realization through experience.

When I separated from my ex-husband, I came to know that he had started living-in with the woman he had an affair with and then later married her. I also came to know that they had maligned me in their community to justify their relationship, but I remained silent and every time I came to know of this I would give it to God and move past it. I remained silent because I knew what character my ex-husband had. Both of them even maligned the hearts of my daughters towards me. But God, who is the knower and judge of everybody’s heart and actions, was always watching.

Recently, I came to know that my ex-husband was undergoing court martial for trying to outrage the modesty of a young brother officer’s wife. Not only this, it also came to be known that he was sharing a ‘keep’ with one of his businessmen friends. But his wife is putting up a strong front by denying all this and blaming the lady whose modesty was outraged instead. I wondered why she was not accepting the reality in front of her eyes. Then God showed me that because she herself was party to the past lies so to cover up those lies she was putting up a strong front, to prove to the same community that she had made the right choice.

So what did I learn from this?  We try to negate the Truth in our life about our actions and keep shielding our lies with millions of other lies. But God’s only motive for us is to make us grow and progress every step towards Him. He warns us to abstain from things that do not please Him. But by then it becomes a whirlpool and keeps pulling us deeper and deeper. But the good news is that at any point of time in our life, all that it takes is to accept the wrong as wrong and immediately submit to God every action of ours. Repent from your heart in front of God and God will change the course of your destiny. The Bible says there is no pit so deep for God to pull you out of it. But you have to accept that yes, you did a mistake and you repent. If you don’t, you’d be in greater trouble and in a much nastier situation.

So I encourage all you precious children of Almighty that if there is anything God is nudging you about, listen to Him because He means serious business. I pray for you and your family to grow under the authority and care of God – Shalini Mehta