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Lessons of life – dealing in relationships

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

How do you deal with difficult or uncalled situations in your life? How do you handle people whom you trusted all along and thought that they had moved on with the differences you had, but one fine day God shows you that you moved on but they stuck themselves there and are looking for every opportunity to pull you down?

These things can get messy if you let them. Recently I went through one such situation and it was not the first time but it was a recurrent of events and I had been ignoring the behaviour of some people close to me thinking that I need to change my perspective, my way of dealing. I was thinking it one way but God was thinking differently. He was putting me in these situations for me to understand a very important aspect which would lead me to a breakthrough in my relationships with everyone.

That aspect was to first to detach myself completely from the person’s behaviour and secondly to understand that just like God gives people as per their receiving capability same way I was to give people (respect, worth, love, importance) as per their receiving capability. The mistake I was making was that I was giving more than what the person was actually prepared to receive. It was not that person’s fault but mine.  This God revealed to me when I persistently prayed to God that inspite of my genuinely wanting to love people, their response would generally remain negative. I wouldn’t know why I faced rejection consistently. God made me understand that the best way to deal with situations and people is to deal the way He does and His ways are not man’s ways. And to understand His ways you’ve to spend time with Him and involve Him in every area of your life like a mentor-Shalini Mehta