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Difference in being connected to God via your relationship and not being connected to Him

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Recently in our daily SMS service I sent a message which said that-Two things frustrate anyone, handling of people and situations. But when you seek God’s wisdom earnestly, you learn to handle them with ease.’

Why is it so important to be connected to God all the time? We negate the importance of God in our life but being a person of faith in everyday of my life and spreading that faith among the people I associate on a daily basis I’ve always put importance to having a relationship with God. Even though each one of us has been made differently we all at some point get frustrated about dealing with people and situations and you would notice the above statement to be absolutely true.

I recently had an experience recently where I was in spat with someone, obviously after any spat no one would be normal. So immediately as always my first line of action was to go to God and have a meeting with Him as He is a witness to everything. I prayed and had many questions for Him. Through that experience God taught me many things and through realizations I felt I had reached a new level all together. I was at peace and I could feel God’s calm in my spirit and it took me two hours at the most. Now talking of the other person, that person has still not realized their relationship with God. That person remained so much agitated they lost their night’s sleep over it, and then they were madder the next day. And then they were mad at many other people.

So what I want to say through this is when you build relationship and remain connected to Him you know, what and how to deal with not only the situation, the people but also most importantly your own self. In any situation it is your own emotions that are the hardest to deal with because it is our emotions that are badly hurt so through God the first thing you learn is to keep hold of your emotions. Second, you learn through realization about why that experience happened to you especially a negative experience. You get a very clear outlook about what was your mistake and where you need to change. Also what are the short comings in the other person and how you need to deal with them-Shalini Mehta