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Be Alert!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

We are all aware of the dreadful and spine chilling incident which happened in Delhi recently. Every moment when I think of what the girl went through all that comes out of my heart are prayers for her. And this is not only a sole incident but over a period of time the violence against women and children is increasing by the day. It’s time that each teacher and preacher of the Word of God needs to bring forth this concern to our society, the concern that I want to put forth to all our friends and partners of the Foundation.


The Bible 1Peter 5:8 says ‘Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.’ This verse is self explanatory. We know that the lion is out there to devour, we cannot change each and every person but what we can do is pray enough and be alert at all times. A simple saying of Sri Ramakrishna can guide us here – a pigeon closes its eyes on seeing a cat, thinking it is safe, only to get devoured by the cat. I urge all dear children of God, be alert, be aware, make your children aware. In my experience God has given each one of us a small still voice which alerts us before any mishap. We need to be make that small still voice more audible to us by praying more to keep ourselves and our family’s safe. In your heart whenever you are in two minds to go a particular way or be at a particular place, give yourself time and pray and wait on God’s answer to come. Impatience makes you a prey. And I urge each one of you to spend time with God first thing in the morning, ask for His guidance at each step and His protection over yourself and your family.