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Shalini Mehta, EzineArticles Basic Author

We go through because God loves us and wants us to grow

My five year old daughter went through a terrible asthma attack. It all started on Saturday, 28th November night, whole night she kept vomiting mucus and was feeling breathless. We did our best to medicate her however we could in the middle of the night. I couldn’t believe her asthma had triggered again. The very first time she was diagnosed with cough variant asthma just after her third birthday those times were like night mare, seeing her sick almost half the month. We did our best to give her the treatment that was available; she was being treated by the best paediatrician in PGI Chandigarh. I also started her ayurvedic treatment alongside and soon she became healthy once again. She took medication for a year and not once she was taken ill, infact she was becoming healthier by the day. Soon her inhaler was weaned off. And this was a year back and suddenly this happened and with much severity. It was like the old memories just came back as a scene being replayed. But there was a difference this time; the difference was in our attitudes. This time we were seeing God’s favour at every step.

But that’s not how when it started because almost a month ago God made me realize that no matter what, I’ve to keep repeating ‘God I need You’,  and I was doing it and seeing that to every situation in my life there is only one answer God and His solution to everything is the best. So then as Zig Ziglar says that ‘I don’t need to know my future, I need to know who holds it’, then why should I get perturbed about anything? Also on Thursday, 26th November our Foundation got forty one children immunized along with iron, folic–acid and de-worming tablets. These children belong to poor families and have never been immunized because of unawareness. Now here our Foundation has sown a seed of health in the life of forty children and exactly two days later my child takes ill that too so severely. I was at first taken aback and asked God, why God? God reminded me just trust me and keep repeating your mantra-‘God I need you’. Though I was a little upset but I kept repeating it and her treatment went off ever so smoothly and by His grace she is recovering very well.

Now you might wonder what were the lessons learnt through this?

1. Keep your eyes on Him rather than on your situation. So keep repeating ‘God I need you’, rather than complaining or feeling fearful and perturbed.

2. This was a test by God for us for what we had been repeating-‘God I need you’ because on all previous occasions I used to get bitter seeing my angel suffer. Thank God we passed the test because at every level you’ll be tested.

3. Trusting Him that even though the situation seems severe we will sail through that too with flying colours.

4. Once when I got operated someone asked me that you love God so much and do His work then why did God make you go under the knife? The answer is that irrespective of what we are or what we do, we all have to go through situations in life we wouldn’t want to go through. And all this is for us to grow and become how He sees us because He is not satisfied with the way we see ourselves.

So what I learnt I want to tell all you precious children of God that God loves you very much. If you are going through something right now, just believe it is for your good. You might or might not know why but just believe that it is for your good and you’ll get the answer to it at God’s timing- with love Shalini Mehta

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