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Shalini Mehta, EzineArticles Basic Author

Why do we need to realize our relationship with God?

Each one of us has three main constituents: our physical body – the outer cover, the mind (will, emotions, feelings, thinking) and the Soul which is a part of God Himself. I know that the Soul is what we are and that is what our identification is with that One God. But this still did not become a realization to me. About two weeks back however, it went inside me as revelation and made me realize this truth that God is in me!

Yesterday while I was studying Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita. Sri Ramakrishna (Thakur) while talking to his disciples said: After one has realized their relationship with God, one does not have to be reborn again and again and reap the fruit of sinful actions, which would otherwise have resulted in several rebirths. One has to live till the momentum of the actions of previous births has been exhausted. However, the impetus of current actions does not give rise to future births.

I shared this with Vinay and he got a revelation about it of our very widely used kitchen item – Pressure Cooker! A pressure cooker is kept on flame to cook food. After the food is cooked it is put down from flame. But the steam keeps its pressure till the cooker cools down. Same way once a person has realized his/her relationship with God, s/he is put down from the flame of getting heated again and again symbolizing the pain of cycles of birth and death. The steam of our past karmas though will still keep its pressure but shall not spoil the food inside. In-fact it will cook it well. And since the food is cooked well, it shall not be put on the flame of births again.

Further to this, God revealed me – more the quantity of food, longer does it take for the steam to cool down, and lesser quantity of food makes steam to cool down in lesser time. This means – more the negative attitudes and incidences accumulated in the previous births, the longer one takes to clear the “account” by being in this body in the current birth – but after this birth the journey ends in God Almighty alone!- Be blessed Shalini Mehta

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