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Shalini Mehta, EzineArticles Basic Author

Happy New Year 2010

The year ending is a time when all get nostalgic about things we did in that year. As usual, we want to remember good things, but not-so-good ones we wish to forget. But I and Shalini would like to tell ourselves and you something New on the closing day of this year.

Remember always that God is closer to you than you think. He is always looking at you with love, care and wishes your good at all times. He wants you to change into a better person to get His purpose fulfilled for which He has sent you here on the earth. To hear Him and explore your wonderful relationship with Him, we exhort you to:

  1. Carry forward all things into NY2010 that God did to  make you close to Him.
  2. Throw away all things that increased your baggage of worries, mistakes, bad choices, that did not make you fruitful this year.
  3. Wear the coat of God’s confidence (if you already wearing it, don’t take it off) and put on the shouts of God’s praise in your mouth.
  4. Stay in faith and press in inspite of your circumstances, situations or bad experiences this year
  5. Get up on the inside to receive what God has reserved for you
  6. Spread the confidence of God at the first opportunity and sow it in others’ lives

To me and Shalini this year has been the closest walk with God till now, and we sincerely believe it is going to be better walk in the next. God’s Child Foundation wishes all of you to build rock-solid relationship with Him by getting closer to Him and see His wondrous possibilities come alive everyday of your life in the New Year 2010. You are blessed- Vinay Mehta

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