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Shalini Mehta, EzineArticles Basic Author

God = more than a million force

GuruGobindSinghVery recently in my daughter’s school a lot of pressure had built up for the recurring tests which got reflected in her health. This became a serious concern for us. I took a feedback on this from other parents also and everyone felt what I felt that there was too much undue pressure being put on the kids. But nobody wanted to voice it loudly to the school authorities. For me and Vinay it was a serious matter and we wanted to see change. Vinay and I prayed to God about it for His direction on this and we took action by speaking to the school authorities. Many advised me that our case would be stronger if we took couple of more parents along with us. I said that anyone was welcome to join in but I am not going to ask anyone to support us, we’ve God on our side and He equals a million forces. We went ahead and as an effect some major re-vamping measures have been taken by the School not only for the class my daughter is in but for two more standards beyond. One bold step of ours with the support of God changed the lives of almost three hundred children in a moment. And I said – This is God.

When you choose to be a God pleaser instead of being a people pleaser God will not only support you but will magnify your ability. Now what I am conveying through this- when you put God first in your decisions and actions and become detached to the outcome, God will work on your behalf to support you in your decisions. And He does not need a million people to do it, He just needs you. He needs you to be available for Him. Just like Guru Gobind Singh said ‘Sava Lakh se ek laraun’ (each one of my men fight a hundred and twenty-five thousand) – that is what God is. If you choose to become the one available for God, He would put a force of 125,000 people in your effort! That ‘sava lakh’ is God. Not that you don’t need people in your life, no that’s not what I am trying to say. What I am saying is – you need God to be on your side, because He is that mighty force who makes the rest automatically fall into place-Shalini Mehta

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