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Shalini Mehta, EzineArticles Basic Author

Why our circumstances don't change?

Our circumstances are our very own so obviously they are created by us and not by someone else. But ninety-nine percent of the times we do not accept this and that is why our circumstances don’t change. What is the common factor that does not let ‘our’ circumstances change is ‘we’ ourselves. We ourselves are the most rigid ‘thing’ to change. Because to accept that something needs to change in ‘me’ rather than anyone else, requires a huge amount of courage.

Why this rigidity? The reason behind it is we have been sticking to our stance (beliefs) for years together, even though we know in our heart that it is not bearing any fruit and is stealing a lot of our peace and happiness, we still stick to it. And we are scared that for all these years since I have stuck to the stance – so and so or such and such ruined my life and suddenly if I start taking the onus of the whole situation on myself, what will ‘they’ think of me if I take the blame on myself now!

The irony of the whole thing is that we don’t even know who ‘they’ are. So just to keeping our ego alive and kicking we keep rotting our life deeper into the whirlpool of myth, hoping against hope that someday our beliefs would come true and that day I will have my head held high to tell ‘them’ that look, I was right. Till then we don’t realise we could have spent most or all of our lives wasting and never enjoying what God wanted us to enjoy.

So all you precious people out there, I want to tell you : You want to change your circumstances? Then get out of the pity-party you keep throwing and attending. Get out and attend the party that God is throwing for you. And all that it takes is to look into your own self where You can change- Shalini Mehta

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