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Shalini Mehta, EzineArticles Basic Author


Love is a beautiful word. Love is such a word that it cannot be explained. Even in the dictionary when I looked for this word I felt it was not explained well. Reason being that love is something that cannot be explained in words, it can only be experienced. Just like God, whom we cannot explain but can experience. And God is all love. Love is one single reason or thing which when goes missing from our life makes us insecure, fearful, irritated, angry, aggressive and frustrated.

But love is not attachment. Today while having breakfast Vinay and I were discussing about this and he said that love is not attachment and I realized, yes it is not. When attachment comes in, fear sets in and where there is fear there is no faith. Recently I noticed some things that really got me worried and sad. I saw some women keeping whole-day fast for their husband on Karvachauth (a North Indian festive day when girls and women do not take food and even water during the whole day. They break their fast in the evening on seeing the moon. They keep it for the welfare of their husband or future husband) celebrated yesterday, but at the same time hiding many things from them. Probably because even after years of marriage their mutual understanding is so fragile that if they are visiting their friends and family or they hide money to save for a rainy day, they have to lie about it to their husband. They are fearful of those same husband and don’t dare to correct him even when they know in their heart that it is harming their life partners. They do not actually love their husband; they are feigning it by keeping the fasts.

Love is not fear, love is all about being comfortable, to belong to, and be so much one with the other person that you are one in everything that you do. Same way if you ask every parent they say they love their children but they never take out time for them as well as to bring around correction in them. And one fine day when they land up in trouble, they save their children by hook or by crook because then their upbringing as parents is at stake!

So many of us don’t even love our own self. Actually this is not loving your body which is quite a common understanding. Loving yourself means to be in love with ‘who’ you are and you are a part of God, a Soul and are aware of your right standing with God. When we make outrageous choices, speak negative all the time, over stuff our bodies, do not forgive people, are angry all the time, we don’t love our self. Then how can such a person who does not even know what love is, love God.

A person who is not committed to loving his own self by doing what is right at all times, even when things are not comfortable, how can such a person ever be committed to God? You’ve to realize that loving someone or loving your own self is not about physical love or material presents but to genuinely help the other person or yourself to come in and develop right standing with God in daily life. Once this love is developed, you have no looking back. You only look forward to every day expecting love to flow from you and to you from everywhere, everything! – Shalini Mehta

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