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Shalini Mehta, EzineArticles Basic Author

God is good all the time

Many a times when we are going through some rough patches in our life related to anything we generally tend to blame God for it. In fact off late I had also started doing it. And my whole focus would shift from what good God has been doing and has done in my life to what God is not doing. And I would feel more miserable.

Recently in fact on Diwali the people from whom I was expecting for the good wishes to come never called up and I felt foolish because I had invested a lot of time and resources in them. I set out to blame God, for it is He who is the doer of all this.

I was so wrong, as I realised this, I saw that it was like a pattern that was repeating in my life ever so often, in some face or other. So I had a small talk with myself that when God is good which I’ve experienced all the time and His Word says so, why should I then let this negative feeling crop into my life one more time that God is not for my good. So I started telling myself God is good all the time and God wants only goodness for me. There must be something good for me through this situation too.

Suddenly my whole perspective towards the situation changed and I became confident and full of God’s power and faith. This thing resided in me that God knows my heart and God knows the heart of everyone else, so if something did not happen as I was expecting, then it’s good for me.

What happens when we focus on this – God is not for our good? We start to focus on lack and that starts to manifest in our life. But when we say that God is there only for my good and all things work out for my good through God who strengthens me, the power of Almighty starts to manifests itself into our life and the moment that happens there is a sudden change in our state of mind and hence in the state of our reality.

So the next time something is not going right in your life, tell yourself that this is not what God wants for me because God wants only good things for my life. Remember God only loves you. So be blessed – Shalini Mehta

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