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Be in the FLow

Monday, December 21st, 2015

sugar dating blog surfer-in-the-flow-630x315We are naturally drawn to making our decisions, thoughts and words, that are influenced by our mind but as we grow in our relationship with God, our decisions, thoughts, words are naturally influenced by God. We wait on God more patiently, or better way to put it is that God’s grace helps us be more patient and instills faith in us. It’s not easy or even bring this change overnight, but that is exactly every Soul will have to ultimately accept subsequently. This change is difficult because our minds are conditioned to think and act, but we have to understand that when we align ourselves to be in the flow of God, our life automatically becomes peaceful, more contained and aligned.

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site de rencontre libanais en france So many times we do things or want things that are not aligned to God’s will and make ourselves go through the pain of suffering because our mind does not want to allow us to be in God’s flow. While you must have experienced that there are times when some really good things have happened to us when we switched our minds off and things happened without effort. But how wonderful it would be that all our thoughts, decisions and words are in that flow, at all times. This is possible only when we spend time with God, more you spend time with Him, more you’ll get used to being in the flow. This will help you experience God’s best for your life.

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opcje binarne up down I believe that this would encourage you to be in alignment with God.

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