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Whose approval are you seeking?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

This is a beautiful topic which I’ve included as a part of an article ‘Do you really love yourself?’ in NUPUR Winter 2007. I experienced something last night which was pretty amazing and related to the above mentioned article, so I decided to share.

We went out for dinner last night. In the restaurant there were three men sitting on the table next to us and a little further away a family including mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, uncle, aunt, husband came and took seat. The young daughter-in-law was wearing clothes which, every time she moved around to pick up something her hipsters moved way below and the top way above. These men who were sitting just next to our table, I noticed were ogling at her and enjoying every bit of her. It was shameful; I kept watching this whole episode for some time but couldn’t tolerate it anymore. All this while I kept asking God how do I approach this, then ultimately I got up from my seat and introduced myself to this young lady and asked her if she could come on one side as I had something important to tell her. I was taken aback by her rude response when she said that she didn’t want to listen to anything. For a moment I was surprised but I blessed her. Then I spoke to her mother-in- law and told her all about that had been happening.

So the mother-in- law conveyed it to her daughter-in- law about the right way to sit. I somehow felt after the incident that the men who were ogling at the young lady were not very much to be blamed completely, but more so the lady herself, reason being when you show, it tells the other person that you want to share. I am not against people wearing western dresses; I myself wear, but I believe anything worn with dignity and in limits of decency looks smart and stylish. And anything that we choose to wear we need to know how to carry it.

It’s sad but slowly, are we not losing our sense of dressing? What looks good in glossy magazines or on the ramp does not mean that it will look good on us. We need to know that our office, college, restaurant or market place is not a ramp or a glossy magazine where we are modelling for few minutes. We need to really think hard about what we can carry and what we can’t many times before we step out of the security of our home. Ultimately it’s ‘we’ who are at stake not anyone else.

Now why I shared this on our blog, because today sadly enough some of our youngsters are running a race in which they are ultimately going to be losers in future. We are establishing our identity or approval with clothes, glamor, having multiple partners, cigarettes, drugs and so on. We don’t realise that we don’t have to seek someone else’s approval for our presence/ existence on this earth through material stuff or by showing our skin. The charisma of our personality should be such that anyone would feel like interacting with us and being friends with us and at the same time respect us.

How can this come? This can come when we stop seeking our identity from material stuff and start seeking our identity with God. We are children of God and He loves each one of us too much. And just for a moment stop and experience this, you are a child of that God who is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of this universe, without whom nothing moves in this universe. The lady I spoke about in the beginning like many of us was seeking people’s approval by showing her fashion sense and being hep by showing herself. Don’t lower yourself to such levels, you are a child of God. God is the King of this universe and you are the apple of that God’s eye, royal blood flows in ‘you’.

Think for a moment about this and then ask yourself with whom am I associating myself with, is it with who the world is wanting me to be or am I one with the One? – Shalini Mehta