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A jungle of weeds or a clean garden?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

A few days ago on a Sunday morning, I was cleaning my little garden of the weeds. I noticed something interesting about the behaviour and presence of weeds in the garden. In that half an hour I was working there God gave me revelations of a life-time. Sharing these simple truths about our self, I believe, shall surely help us strengthen our relationship with God daily.

I had a shovel in my hand to help pull out the weeds. All kinds of weeds were present – small and big. I observed that

  1. the number and growth of weeds near the plant where it gets its daily water was much more than any where else – near the gift that the plant receives to survive and thrive. In life, have you ever noticed that “weeds” of arrogance or “I know all” attitude grow easily around your talent or area in which you are gifted. Very often we see the weed of procrastination present among the gifted people. I was also a victim of this weed, and it took me quite some time to weed it out of my life.
  2. the weeds which were smaller had almost straight single main root whereas the bigger weeds had root system well-developed. It was much easier to take the smaller ones out, even by hand. It has got a deep meaning. The younger the age of a bad habit, lesser time and effort does it take to root it out of your character. But once you let it develop for some time, it becomes harder and needs great pains to take it out.
  3. Some weeds were so big that as I used shovel to dig them out, it started hurting the roots of the plant around which these weeds were present. Similarly in life, longer age of bad choices would hurt your talent or natural gifts in such a way that they get intertwined with your gifts and talents and reduce your potential to grow. And harder it gets to weed them out. Even if you decide to take them out, it would take much time, and long process of pain.

I believe until we pray to God to make us vigilant enough to keep observing ourselves daily to notice little weeds, it is quite natural to grow weeds all around our character, and unknowingly we become the victims of our bad choices or bad thoughts or bad habits. Take care. God bless you!-Vinay Mehta