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Food for the Soul

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Recently when a close one offered donation to our Foundation, Shalini asked them to become our partners instead. Partnering with the Foundation means committing assistance to support on-going or new outreach programs on a regular basis. They replied that they did not want to get into a long-term commitment, though she explained to them what benefits the partnership could bring to them as well as the Foundation. Later they agreed and said yes to it.

However, a thought crossed my mind as to why some people did not want to partner with whereas some readily partnered the Foundation. I wasn’t still satisfied in my heart. I prayed to God as to how should we tell people to partner with us willingly and the answer I got was a Revelation!
As human beings we are committed to our body, and that’s a life-long commitment but fulfilled every day through meals, exercise and many other activities. For us it is that important! If we do not do so, imagine what kind of health we would have. The commitment to share and to give is actually the food or investment for the Soul. When we do not commit food in long-term for our soul, what happens? The Soul is not fed regularly and you can easily visualize frail, weak souls moving all around.

Long term commitment of giving brings health to your soul and it gets strengthened in God. So when adversities try to beat you down, even though you had long term commitment with your body it does not help. It is only the strong soul that can withstand and outdo your trials, and make you win, not your body. To realize God a strong soul is required, and if you want that, feed it regularly by sharing what you have with others, in long-term!- Vinay Mehta