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People a blessing!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

People a blessing

People who betrayed you, challenged you, hated you, ignored you, were the ones whom God chose for you to learn to change your ways and are a blessing for you. This post got the maximum likes and shares as our post on Facebook. That is when I realized that it is not only my own experience but the experience of so many others. Usually when people love us and appreciate us we bend towards them because we all like being appreciated, loved and praised. But when some people ignore us, hate us; our normal reaction is we have negativity in our heart for them. But honestly when this time I got the same response I had been getting again and again from some people in the family I realized, it’s not about them, and it’s about me. God is trying to show me something about me and not them.

I prayed to God to give me clarity on this and He showed me that the more we try to attach ourselves to people, more approval we seek from people; we would receive more of such responses. This got me to immediately pray to God to detach me to all want in me to seek approval in any way from any one and attach me to Him. Also I prayed to God that I needed to seek only His approval for my actions, so help me do this. There was a shift, a shift in my attitude, a shift in my perspective, a shift in my actions. And this gave me lot of peace. When we seek people’s approval for our actions we lose our peace but when we seek God and His approval, we not only get approval but experience the joy and peace bubbling in us.

That is when I realized that whosoever God puts in our life even though we have had distasteful experiences, it was for our own good. So we could listen to God more and seek Him more. So I encourage you today that all those people who scrub on you like sand paper may seem painful but are only making you shine. So be blessed!