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Fame and Popularity comes with a price

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Every one of us today is aware of the very recent Tiger Woods story. Much has been written about his character and also spoken about. Almost every news channel and every talk show and every speaker in America has given his/her comments on it. Not only them but the general public has also has been discussing about his awful character behind closed doors. We in India were also awed by the golfer’s rise.

But I realised this that each one of us wants to be successful and many of us want to be famous. If we look around us so many people are cashing on the talents and gifts God has given them so they could be popular. In fact the popular bug has bitten even the young children who through the talent shows want to be popular on television and when they lose the opportunity some of them have even taken extreme steps. But one thing that each one of us forgets in desperation and desire to be popular, is that popularity or being famous comes with a big price that one has to pay and that is the price of integrity.

So many of us want to be famous and want people to applaud our achievements, know us by face, cheer and woo us when we are in the market. Or feel awed of our position and get by with anything, as is the very famous case going around in the media about ex-DGP Rathore. But in our desperation to rise and rise we somewhere lose touch with integrity, which is actually the most important and precious thing which we should shield like a priced possession at all times. And when we become popular we think anything done in the secret won’t be known to anyone, but we forget that God sees us in our secret places too and if we misuse His gifts and talents, He will bring those secrets in the open one day. That is where all that we’ve earned out of our gifts and talents over a period of years; we lose it in a moment, just a moment.

If we want to be famous we must pay the price of keeping our integrity, because people who are promoted by God to a level where people love them and applaud them for being special will have to pay that price.

So all I want to remind myself and all you precious children of God, not your money, not your position, not anything, keep your integrity safe and under the lock and key of God’s safe- Love, Shalini Mehta