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Attitude Is The Key To Life

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

imagesOur attitude towards life determines life’s attitude toward us, said Earl Nightingale. In life most of us usually do not grasp this simple concept – it is not other person’s action or reaction or the situation that determines our attitude. It is entirely our own personal choice. Over a period of time I discovered some of my own attitudes, and also those of other people that I am sharing here. How do we identify such attitudes in us and how do we adjust them for a fruitful life, is my humble attempt.

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God is the only Key to every lock in your life

Monday, November 16th, 2009

God has consistently been putting one or other situation in my life and all situations appeared like patterns, repeating again and again. And every time some situation would come around, I would ask God’s help and intervention and unknowingly my whole focus would shift to that situation. God as He is very patient, He has consistently been nudging me and telling me – “Shalini, ‘I’ should be your sole focus, not your situation, and you need to be excited not only about what I can do for you but excited about Me (who He is) alone.”

Because every time a situation arose invariably the mind would go to the favours’ God could give me rather than He Himself. And then He made me realize – “since your focus remains on the situation or what I can now do for you, you forget this that I am the only Key in your life that can open any lock. In other words, I am the only Key to every lock (situation) in your life.” But when our mind moves from God to the situation we start to look for our own keys and no matter any number of keys we fit into our locks but because they are not the master key, they never fit in well.

So irrespective of any situation, whether or how I might be feeling I started to repeat -‘God, I need You’ till it actually got locked in my heart and now I do it almost 24/7.

The more you fill your life with God the more you deepen your relationship with Him, like Sri Ramakrishna always said, ‘Mother please come and reside in my heart’. In Bible Jesus said, ‘I am the vine and you are the branches, without me you can do nothing.’ Remember – if you keep repeating “God I need you, I need more of you, fill me with yourself,” you’ll see that you are getting answers to all unanswered questions of your life, and you being filled with more love and peace-Shalini Mehta