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Celebrating Rev. Ishwari Devi Gupta’s 102nd Birthday!

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

IDGIntimate, Dependable God– Yes, that is how God is: our own, and absolutely dependable and trustworthy. The day we put complete faith in Him alone, we realize this. I have experienced this through my mentor for so many years. Ishwar Devi Gupta wrote her initials as IDG, and truly her life was nothing, but IDG: Intimately Depending on God. A follower of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa she had a godly core in her heart and never had an iota of even the spiritual ego about her being so privileged to receive God’s grace and command. All things, she said, are drafted and driven by God: make your plans but surrender them to God for only His plan works out.

She told me that you would find many people good at preaching or singing in the temples, but when you go to their homes, you find their lives in a mess. You cannot know a person’s walk with God from a person’s actions in a temple. You should closely see a person, in his daily life to know if s/he has a real character of God. I did not understand it fully at that time. But since I had developed a lot of love and respect for her, I started going to her home and started helping her in God’s work on a daily basis. The first day I went to her, she gave me a small emblem having Ma Sarada’s (the Holy Mother’s) saying on it: Many are known to do great works under the stress of some strong emotion. But a man’s true nature is known from the manner in which he does his insignificant daily tasks. (Insignificant daily tasks are like cleaning your house, cleaning your bathroom, making your bed, keeping your children clean, treating your neighbor, treating your maid, treating your elders and many more). I now realize what it meant.

One day a middle-aged male devotee came and said to her that he wanted to learn spirituality. She asked him: do you know how to knead the dough? And when he said no, she asked him to learn and practice it first before he even thinks of knowing spirituality. This, she said, was necessary for a person to become self-dependent. If you cannot sustain yourself and are dependent on someone else to fulfill your smallest and so basic need of yours (i.e. to be able to feed yourself), you can never attain God. Also, it helps to smother the ego. For being dependent on God, you need to learn to be dependent on yourself alone first.

About trust: She told me one day, ‘you cannot give what you do not have.’ ‘Your trust in others is not your trust in their person, but in God, and He will return your trust manifold.’

She also emphasized on always remembering your weaknesses. The point she emphasized was, by remembering your weaknesses and submitting them to God, you ask for forgiveness, and grace from Him.  She would tell me: ‘Put your best in your work and do not rest till it is finished completely. After that pray to God and surrender your work to Him not expecting a reward, but only blessings and love from Him. Praise God because it is He who got it done from you. And thus, you will always be at peace.’

Work according to her, was not a means to live, but a worship of God who rewards you with a living and His company. One thing that struck me deep inside the heart is her saying: ‘You should stretch and try to climb up to God, rather than bring Him down for your convenience.’ We desperately seek God, when we are in need, but at other times, we do not even remember Him. But if we make Him our own and put Him first, we will find Him with us at all times.

And this was the best thing she told me: God is the most important person in your life. Always keep Him first and He will never fail you. There are many more things to write. But the key to all her wisdom is: how to love God, make Him your own and put Him first in your life, and thus enjoy daily living! -Vinay Mehta

Revelation about a devotees journey.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


This is a very special month, why special because we celebrate the 181st birthday of Sri Ramakrishna who was God in mortal form as He descended to earth and blessed this country with His pious presence on February 18th, 1836. Though as per Hindu calendar we would be celebrating on 28th February, this year.

Recently God revealed to me about journey of a devotee relating to the advent of various Avataras, which I thought must be shared with you. Leading the life of a devotee is not easy. God revealed that when Sri Ram and Mother Sita came to earth, their life was full of challenges, there was never a time where they could enjoy and live together as a couple and enjoy the bliss of being Divine. Hanuman, the humble servant of Sri Ram always waited for that time, but it was like – there is never a dull moment. When they married, they were sent to exile where they faced many challenges including slaying of many demons, including Ravana. When they returned and Mother Sita was carrying she was sent away from the palace in that state. And in all this it seemed God (Sri Ram) was heartless and least concerned especially to Mother Sita whose heart remembered only Sri Ram. Same is the first stage in a devotee’s life – it’s like there is never a dull moment, he gets out of one test and before he can even breathe, he is into another. But all this while, if devotee clings to God alone, he comes out stronger, bolder and evolved. Sri Ram through Hanuman taught how Bhakti is most precious and faith in His Name is absolutely essential.

The second stage of a devotee’s life is like coming of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna came as Avatar, He was completely different in His dealings from Sri Ram. He taught the world how it was essential to be skillful to reign over one’s enemies. And His teachings to us in the clearest form are in the Bhagvad Gita. The Gita can only be understood, practiced and followed by a true devotee. A devotee is pure and simple at heart, the main criteria for a soul to receive God in heart. But this makes worldly people take advantage of devotees. Sri Krishna’s ways teach a devotee how to deal with world. Thakur Sri Ramakrishna used to say that why would a believer of God be a fool. And it is essential for a devotee to learn at this stage. This stage in a devotee’s life is life-changing. Initially devotee is apprehensive because a devotee is projected in a particular way. But when he accepts the change, his understanding of God’s ways enables him to adapt.

Then Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa came, and he came very recently. Thakur’s main teachings evolved around Bhakti, pure love and pure devotion for God, without which a devotee cannot depend on God completely. This teaches a devotee to surrender, see God as a person and develop a relationship with Him. Thakur emphasized that it was essential for a devotee to see God as his friend, as a parent, or any other relationship other than that of lover. A relationship makes the devotion deeper and profound.

I believe this revelation would help you in your walk with God to make your relationship with God stronger and deeper. Though at the same time I would like to emphasize this revelation does not mean God has come only as these three Avataras, because once Sri Krishna asked Arjun to count how many black things were there on a tree, when Arjun went close he saw countless faces of Krishna. Sri Krishna told Arjun can a human mind understand, it is like these countless fruit that I come in various forms.

God bless you in everything that you do-Shalini Mehta

Importance of Kalpataru Day – 01 January

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Once again a very happy and blessed New Year to you and your family. January is not only a month to celebrate a New Year but also Lohri, Makarsankranti, Pongal and Republic Day. So wishes to you for these occasions too. Since it’s the beginning of a new year, I would like to share with you the importance of January 01.

For us it is not only an opportunity given by God for a new beginning in every walk of life but January 01 holds a very important significance. Before I tell you the actual reason, let me give you a background to it. Sri Ramakrishna the incarnate of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and Jesus, was suffering from cancer in his last days in that body. To give him a better environment his devotees brought him to Cossipore Garden House in Calcutta so that he could have an open environment and fresh air which would help his body recover. This was also the place where Thakur Sri Ramakrishna went into Mahasamadhi in August 1886. Here also once when Swami Vivekananda was massaging Thakur’s feet, a thought struck Swamiji that at this moment if Thakur says that He is God incarnate, he would believe Him to be an Avatara and as soon as the thought came to Swamiji’s mind Thakur said ‘Je Ram Je Krishna, idanim Ramakrishna (One who was Ram and Krishna, He is now Ramakrishna) Swamiji was a transformed person after that and  would even eat the vomit of Thakur, repenting why he didn’t believe Thakur all this while as being an Avatara.

Here also one very interesting incident happened on January 1, 1886. Thakur was so unwell that even for changing side on bed, he needed two people to help Him. His room was on the first floor of the house and on the ground floor room all the young boys who were later initiated into becoming monks of the Ramakrishna order were sitting, doing their own things. Thakur came down all by Himself towards a mango tree near the gate where only the householder devotees sat discussing about Thakur. As soon as Girish Chandra Ghosh, a householder devotee (who was the first among devotees to recognise Thakur as an Avatara) saw Him, he fell on Thakur’s feet crying that you have come for me Lord to free me of the bondage of birth and death, the tears from his eyes sent Thakur in Samadhi and that is when He showed His real Self (virat roop) to the devotees) and blessed all the devotees saying- Chaitnya hok! Meaning may you be illumined. That put all the house holder devotees in ecstasy and some of them started crying and others started to laugh and saw their chosen deity (Ishta).

All this while the would-be monks who were on the ground floor were oblivious of this happening. After that day January 1 has been celebrated as the Kalpataru Day. And anyone who goes to Thakur with a pure heart receives from Him whatsoever he so desires.

Turn around your ego

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Sri Ramakrishna while talking to the devotees one day said, ‘When the storekeeper is working in the store, the owner does not look into the daily working of the store.’ Same way when your ego is working for you, God does not take your responsibility.

One might wonder without ego one would be taken advantage of, people may fool you around and if ‘I’ the ego is not there, then, who am I, what would ego-giant-inside-metaphormy existence be? To this again, Thakur has answered beautifully. He says – if the ego does not go away in any way then turn your ego towards God. Say ‘I’ am the child of God, ‘I’ listen to God alone, my source of everything is He. This ego is good. Thakur said just like mishri (lump of refined sugar) does not come under the category of sweets and hence does not do any harm to health, so does ego for God brings no harm to oneself.

So leave the bad ego, I am the doer, this is my family, this is my work, this is my house, I am so educated, I am so qualified, I work in such a big company, I earn so much, this is bad ego. And inculcate the good ego, that I am the child of God.

Spend time with God and surrender your ego to Him.

Blessed Marriage

Thursday, May 29th, 2014


Recently I wrote an article Marriage- a boon or bane. I realised through the comments I received, that I needed to touch upon more, on issues for those who are already married and are seeking to make it wonderful, or are either struggling or compromising in their marriage. This piece is for those who are peaceful about their decision to stay in their current marriage and are looking for ways and means to lead a happy married life. <aref=”″>