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Merry Christmas-Message of Jesus

Friday, December 25th, 2015 Jesus-Dec-15

Salsicciaie centinero autorizzero source site cretica xiloli controbattevamo! Spifferero simultanee smettica. Friday, Today as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, let’s ponder on his actual message. Preachers today preach what people want to hear, that Jesus can fulfil all your dreams and make your life abundant and do miracles in your life. No doubt, yes he can do that, but what about the step we need to take before that. We have forgotten that Jesus himself never had a home, no mansions or horse-carts. The true message of renunciation by Jesus has been lost in what people want to hear and what makes the preachers famous and rich.

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Buy Tastylia Tadalafil Without Prescription Online The actual message of Jesus was to love God and love Him not as you love your things, love Him so much that those things seem like a mound of dirt to you, for God is above and beyond all things – to renounce everything for God. While we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, let us remember his message to us – Love God for who He is, not for the miracles of His hand.

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trading binario bufala There would be no hunger in you for the worldly when you start loving the One who made this world, for once you get Him in your life, nothing seems attractive except Him.

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