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Destroy the Lust, the Devil, the Satan before it destroys you

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Today while I was reading Bhagvad Gita, God explains to Arjuna in chapter 3, that it is the lust/Satan which keeps us entangled in this world by taking control of our senses. What is lust? Lust is yearning or desire or longing for and it is not only related to sexual desires alone. One can lust for anything- eating, lying, gossiping, anger, pitying on their circumstances, shopping, not wanting to take decisions, procrastination (laziness) and so on. When we lust for something we lose our senses and get driven by lust.

When lust strikes our senses we just get swayed away by it and though there is something in us that is not comforting but we just get swayed away. Lust confuses you and takes away your peace and in return gives you fear and discomfort. It’s just like a woman sees a piece of jewellery or a dress and she has to have it even if her husband has to buy it on credit.

Who was Ravana? Though he was a learned man but he got swayed by lust and gave senses to the desire of wanting to posses everything that he desired for in this world, even Shri Ram’s wife, Sita as his own wife. Kansa gave in his senses to lust by wanting to become the ruler of the world and thought he was above God. Satan tried to talk Jesus into his plan and every time Jesus said to him-get thee behind me Satan. Same way in Bhagwad Gita, Arjuna, when he gets swayed by his emotions on seeing his relatives, against whom he had to fight in the battle field, got confused. Quran mentions of Idris who deviates the mind from Godhood.

God has given a very simple solution for this in all the scriptures. The solution for keeping the lust in control is to slay it. How can we slay it, is by simply not feeding it. When you don’t feed something it dies. Lust or devil or Satan is also such, the more you feed the lust the more it is going to overpower you and your life. Its like, when we grow a plant and we take care of it suddenly some little weeds grow around it, if we do not keep taking out the weeds they will make the plant weak. So every time a new lust comes up like that weed we need to slay it with our prayers to God, by asking for His help to help us surrender that lust into Him.

There was a person by the name of Girish Babu who used to visit Thakur (Sri Ramakrishna Parmahansa) but he used to drink a lot. He asked Thakur that I can’t leave this habit of mine, Thakur advised him that before he drank he should offer it to Mother. He started to practice and very soon he got over his habit of drinking.

Each one of us can practise this. So the next time you are tempted to go around the same mountain one more time, slay it by giving it to God.- Shalini Mehta