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Acknowledge God!

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

I would like to share with you something that God revealed to me. God fulfills all our deepest desires sometime or the other in our life. Sometimes we remember and other times we forget. You would have noticed someone got rich after starting a new business and whatever he put his hand in would flourish and prosper. While on the other hand there is this other person no matter how talented she/he is, they are not able to flourish in terms of worldly prosperity or in other words, money.

Also, sometimes I see some people become so popular and liked by people around them even though someone else would be doing the same thing but they are more popular and liked for whatever they do. We end up thinking probably the person is more tactful or their stars are shining bright. The person also gets deluded by his/her own thinking that it is his/her own efforts that made him suddenly rich or I am so nice that people like me. But the actual reason is that it is God fulfilling the deep desire of  your heart to be liked by others and it’s through God’s power the person is becoming rich or popular (or in other words God through those people appreciated you and you felt accepted).

So, what is this fulfilling of desires? Every soul adorns a body to fulfill the desires or in other words भोग करने के लिये ही आत्मा शरीर धारण करती है . Only when all desires of the soul through various births are exhausted, only then does it become free to go back to its original abode, that is in God. So this also explains why some others are not able to get the desired results, because even though the mind does not realize it, that soul has already fulfilled its desires. So, next time when something good manifests through you, know that it not your effort but God’s power manifesting through you.

Learning From Death

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014


funeral-flowersRecently there was a death in the family; it took the family by surprise, even though we are all well aware of the fact that God is a God of surprises. God alone is my teacher; I don’t go by the teachings of anyone else till the time God speaks to me about it. There was surge of well wishers pouring in from everywhere and every person had their opinion to share along with the condolence in some form or the other. Everything that happens to me or around me I always see God’s hand in it and ask God to reveal me what He wants me to learn through it. And true to His character, God revealed me three things very beautifully.

The first thing that God revealed to me was that- We rejoice when a baby is born but in reality a soul got separated from God, while death is the time to rejoice for soul as it is meeting time with God. When a soul adorns a human body meaning when a baby is born, we rejoice, celebrate and welcome the new life. But birth is when the soul is separated from its real Father and Mother-God and accepts an illusion as reality. Why an illusion because there have been many mothers and fathers in past births for that soul and many more would be there, but God is the only One who has been its own in every birth and would be with it till eternity. God also made me understand that death in reality is a time of rejoicing for the soul as it would now get a chance after years to meet its real Father and Mother-God, from whom it got separated. And every death is a promotion for the soul, promotion because God never demotes you. The ultimate abode of every soul is God and through every death He takes you to a place which would ultimately help you reach Him.


The second thing God revealed to me was- There is only one duty of a human being – to love Him. Instead of making other duties right if only this one is fulfilled, rest all automatically get fulfilled. When a soul leaves the body, people start to discuss and contemplate the kind of person s/he was and if he fulfilled his/her duties and what kind of birth would the soul get- good or bad. But God said for a human being there is only one duty, fulfilling which your all other duties would be fulfilled well. And that one duty is to love God. But if you didn’t fulfil that duty your all other duties that you think you did well with your mind, are a complete waste.  Why waste? Because human birth is meant only to love Him. In the mango farm you are there to relish mangoes. Then how many trees are there in the farm or how many mangoes on each tree, there is no need to know. You are here to enjoy eating mangoes which is to love Him, don’t waste your time knowing what you don’t need to know.


When we keep a pet in our homes even though we love it a lot, when it dies we don’t follow any kind of ritual, we bury it and maximum get a tomb stone over its place of burial. But when a soul leaves a human body, many rituals are followed, prayer meetings are held, why so? Because human birth is precious as this is the only way you get to love God and He reveals to you who He is. Therefore, don’t waste this birth. It is very essential to not try to understand God with your mind; you’ve to love Him from your heart. Once you love Him from your heart He will make you understand who He is. Worldly intellect contemplates and looks for the value addition in its relationships, the same worldly intellect we use while building relationship with God. But if you make Him your own and love Him for who He is and not to get your desires fulfilled, you’ll receive multiple folds.


One must remember that our journey with God is in different stages just like a student goes to school and has to clear the stage it is in to come to the next stage. But if a grade one student after learning sentence formation thinks that he knows more than what a High School student knows or even more than a university student then that particular soul is becoming a hurdle in its own spiritual progress because Bhagvad Gita 6:6 says that- The soul is its own friend when that soul has conquered its mind, senses and body, but one who has not been able to win over its mind, senses and body, then it becomes its own enemy. That is why your heart should forever yearn for Him. When a beggar begs for alms, you do not immediately help the beggar by getting a train ticket for him to travel; maximum you give him a dollar or small help in kind. Same way God does not reveal Himself to everyone in the same way, you’ve to keep asking and yearning only then He reveals Himself to you. More you go towards God more you’ll find the worldly talk tasteless, but if it has still not happened to you, it means you need to go deeper, further.


Third revelation that God unfolded was- There is limited time for the soul, not more or less, therefore, it is vital to fulfil your duty of loving God sooner. Even if you ask for time later it is not given. There is limited time for each soul, not a second more or a second less. When your time is up, then no matter how much you beg you’ll not be given extension. Therefore, it is imperative for each of us to finish our work in the stipulated time, and that work is to love God.


But in all this it is very essential to know that loving God does not come by just worshipping, or reading scripture after scripture, without putting it on. The clothes in your closet have to be worn; just hanging in the closet doesn’t fulfil their purpose, and same way one has to put on His Word in life. When you put on His Word in your life, your life changes, that is when the magic happens.


I pray to God for every person reading this piece of writing that God makes you experience a deep relationship with Him which will make your presence in the world fruitful. God bless you-Shalini Mehta

Why do we need to realize our relationship with God?

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Each one of us has three main constituents: our physical body – the outer cover, the mind (will, emotions, feelings, thinking) and the Soul which is a part of God Himself. I know that the Soul is what we are and that is what our identification is with that One God. But this still did not become a realization to me. About two weeks back however, it went inside me as revelation and made me realize this truth that God is in me!

Yesterday while I was studying Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita. Sri Ramakrishna (Thakur) while talking to his disciples said: After one has realized their relationship with God, one does not have to be reborn again and again and reap the fruit of sinful actions, which would otherwise have resulted in several rebirths. One has to live till the momentum of the actions of previous births has been exhausted. However, the impetus of current actions does not give rise to future births.

I shared this with Vinay and he got a revelation about it of our very widely used kitchen item – Pressure Cooker! A pressure cooker is kept on flame to cook food. After the food is cooked it is put down from flame. But the steam keeps its pressure till the cooker cools down. Same way once a person has realized his/her relationship with God, s/he is put down from the flame of getting heated again and again symbolizing the pain of cycles of birth and death. The steam of our past karmas though will still keep its pressure but shall not spoil the food inside. In-fact it will cook it well. And since the food is cooked well, it shall not be put on the flame of births again.

Further to this, God revealed me – more the quantity of food, longer does it take for the steam to cool down, and lesser quantity of food makes steam to cool down in lesser time. This means – more the negative attitudes and incidences accumulated in the previous births, the longer one takes to clear the “account” by being in this body in the current birth – but after this birth the journey ends in God Almighty alone!- Be blessed Shalini Mehta


Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Love is a beautiful word. Love is such a word that it cannot be explained. Even in the dictionary when I looked for this word I felt it was not explained well. Reason being that love is something that cannot be explained in words, it can only be experienced. Just like God, whom we cannot explain but can experience. And God is all love. Love is one single reason or thing which when goes missing from our life makes us insecure, fearful, irritated, angry, aggressive and frustrated.

But love is not attachment. Today while having breakfast Vinay and I were discussing about this and he said that love is not attachment and I realized, yes it is not. When attachment comes in, fear sets in and where there is fear there is no faith. Recently I noticed some things that really got me worried and sad. I saw some women keeping whole-day fast for their husband on Karvachauth (a North Indian festive day when girls and women do not take food and even water during the whole day. They break their fast in the evening on seeing the moon. They keep it for the welfare of their husband or future husband) celebrated yesterday, but at the same time hiding many things from them. Probably because even after years of marriage their mutual understanding is so fragile that if they are visiting their friends and family or they hide money to save for a rainy day, they have to lie about it to their husband. They are fearful of those same husband and don’t dare to correct him even when they know in their heart that it is harming their life partners. They do not actually love their husband; they are feigning it by keeping the fasts.

Love is not fear, love is all about being comfortable, to belong to, and be so much one with the other person that you are one in everything that you do. Same way if you ask every parent they say they love their children but they never take out time for them as well as to bring around correction in them. And one fine day when they land up in trouble, they save their children by hook or by crook because then their upbringing as parents is at stake!

So many of us don’t even love our own self. Actually this is not loving your body which is quite a common understanding. Loving yourself means to be in love with ‘who’ you are and you are a part of God, a Soul and are aware of your right standing with God. When we make outrageous choices, speak negative all the time, over stuff our bodies, do not forgive people, are angry all the time, we don’t love our self. Then how can such a person who does not even know what love is, love God.

A person who is not committed to loving his own self by doing what is right at all times, even when things are not comfortable, how can such a person ever be committed to God? You’ve to realize that loving someone or loving your own self is not about physical love or material presents but to genuinely help the other person or yourself to come in and develop right standing with God in daily life. Once this love is developed, you have no looking back. You only look forward to every day expecting love to flow from you and to you from everywhere, everything! – Shalini Mehta

Food for the Soul

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Recently when a close one offered donation to our Foundation, Shalini asked them to become our partners instead. Partnering with the Foundation means committing assistance to support on-going or new outreach programs on a regular basis. They replied that they did not want to get into a long-term commitment, though she explained to them what benefits the partnership could bring to them as well as the Foundation. Later they agreed and said yes to it.

However, a thought crossed my mind as to why some people did not want to partner with whereas some readily partnered the Foundation. I wasn’t still satisfied in my heart. I prayed to God as to how should we tell people to partner with us willingly and the answer I got was a Revelation!
As human beings we are committed to our body, and that’s a life-long commitment but fulfilled every day through meals, exercise and many other activities. For us it is that important! If we do not do so, imagine what kind of health we would have. The commitment to share and to give is actually the food or investment for the Soul. When we do not commit food in long-term for our soul, what happens? The Soul is not fed regularly and you can easily visualize frail, weak souls moving all around.

Long term commitment of giving brings health to your soul and it gets strengthened in God. So when adversities try to beat you down, even though you had long term commitment with your body it does not help. It is only the strong soul that can withstand and outdo your trials, and make you win, not your body. To realize God a strong soul is required, and if you want that, feed it regularly by sharing what you have with others, in long-term!- Vinay Mehta