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Our attitude can become a stumbling block

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

site de rencontre ose So many times I’ve noticed that God wants to help a particular person but because of their attitude they deride themselves from being blessed. Out of many experiences there is a very recent one when God used me to bless someone, but because of their attitude they were not able to receive what God had planned for them.

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source link Our Foundation supports a PID patient, so we decided to support more of such patients as the mode of treatment is expensive, and even a rich person can get bogged down by the cost of treatment. There was one such child patient. So I called up and informed his parents that our foundation was interested in partial funding of their son’s medication. Though I had come to know that the father of the child had an attitude of hoarding medicine packs, I decided to give it a shot. There were some pre-requisites to be completed before we could start helping this child so I asked the father to send his child’s medical papers before we could start the medical donation. I never received the papers but in between the father asked me for an emergency help for which he lied to me. Since I thought it was the question of a child’s life I somehow managed to provide him medicine at his doorstep. Later I came to know that he had not only wrongly quoted the doctors who were treating his child but also never let me know how his son was keeping. I was shocked and decided to discontinue support from next time.

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source The next time when the medication was due, patient’s father called me up for the medicine. That is when I confronted him. What I didn’t understand that in spite of my voluntarily helping his child, he lied to me. But this cost him our support. All it could have taken for him was to speak straight and be apologetic about his doing.

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recherche prenom garcon 2015 So the lesson for us is – if we have gone through some sour situation, rather than blaming someone else for it, it’s time we check on our own attitude and make on purpose effort to change it, for it can become a blockage to receive our own good-Shalini Mehta


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