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Waiting could be God's way of teaching you to be patient in life!!

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


I would like to share with you one of my very recent and interesting experiences. What happens when you release your faith for a situation? I was at the passport office for renewal of my passport. I waited for an hour outside because of my timing. Next, when finally I got inside, in spite of appointment time given, there was a long queue. And my queue was the longest, sounds familiar? Okay, I looked ahead and saw other queues, other queues seemed to be not only shorter, but were also moving faster. There was a guy with his children and wife, behind me. The moment he saw the queue, he started complaining and shouting about the poor handling of why he and his family had to stand in a queue in spite of an appointment. Sounds familiar again? Okay, was the situation unreasonable? Yes! Was the attitude adopted by that guy reasonable, No! I will tell you why-I was also in the same queue I remembered what I had heard in one of the conferences, when in a situation, instead of complaining start thanking God for His favors. I started repeating-God because I am extremely dear to you, thank You for Your favor. And I kept repeating and looking for how God is going to show me His favor, here and now? Praise God!! Just then I got a phone call from my husband who was with my daughter getting her passport documents done on some other floor, asking me to come upstairs because the counter clerk asked my husband to call me, and lo! There was no waiting, I got my token instantly. Wow! I remembered what I heard one speaker say in one of the conferences- You complain, you remain, you praise and you’ll be raised.

Before I left my place in the queue, I asked this guy if his complaining made a difference, he said, no. Then I asked did it shorten his wait? He answered, no. So I told him – Assess in life, if you can do something about the situation do it, otherwise, just be patient because that’s what God wants us to be. He said but it’s unreasonable, I answered many things in life seem unreasonable but they have God’s purpose behind them.

Through this I want to urge you today, where ever God has put you it’s for a purpose. Even though you don’t like it or understand it, don’t complain. Instead praise Him and ask Him what you should do in this situation. God loves you and has your best interest in His heart.