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It’s God’s will

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Last couple of months I’ve been listening to so many people using this term-‘it’s God’s will’- that it actually rung a bell in my ears. I noticed many of us use this term-God’s will- not knowing what it actually means. A job that someone accepted and then got fired after few months was construed to be God’s will. Someone else was desperately seeking to buy a bigger house and then when they got one, they termed it as ‘God’s will’.

I wondered in both the situations – was it really God’s will in the first place or was it our own will and when things didn’t work out as it expected to be or just because our wish got fulfilled, we termed it as God’s will.

What is God’s will? Simply explained God’s will is what God has ordained for us, what He wishes for us and what He knows what is best for us.

How do we know it is God’s will in our life? This happens only when we surrender our actions completely to God. For example, if I like someone and through permutation and combination get into a friendship with her and say it is God’s will – No, that’s not what would be God’s will. That’s my will that got through by my own permutations etc. But if instead I do this: when I want friends I need to ask God to send His people into my life and keep having a positive attitude towards every person I meet; instead of judging or criticising anyone, when I expectantly wait for God’s timing – that is God’s will. When it is God’s will, we have complete peace about it. Even if sometimes doubt crops in, you just need to tell God – “God, I am going ahead in faith believing it’s Your will. If it’s not, then just stop me.” And you will find that if God stops you, you will never feel disappointed or frustrated.

When we lust for something and want it at any cost, we tend to not see what God has actually reserved for us. And God has always reserved the best for us. Let us leave our escapist attitude by doing everything by our will and then putting the onus on God. Rather we should take responsibility for our own actions and wait for God to move in our life. This way we’ll get the best what God has reserved for each one of us. And let God be in the driver’s seat of our life rather than we driving it our own self– Love, Shalini Mehta